Soulstrong Design provides Graphic Design and Arts Management services in the Baltimore-Washington area. Soulstrong Design is led by Mr. Justin Fair, an experienced graphic designer, arts manager, visual artist, and emerging urban planner. Since 2008, Mr. Fair has provided graphic design, marketing, and arts management services to small businesses and artists. Read more about his work here...

Gain a new perspective on how to better brand and market your work.

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I Create Bold Imagery With Creative Marketing Strategies.

1) Let Your Message Resonate.
I will strengthen your brand to create and reinterpret the visual tools that will super-charge + reinforce your work.

2) Don't be Headstrong, be Soulstrong.
If your soul is your passion...your energy, your purpose, then to be soulstrong is to have a pure pursuit of creativity, discipline, and expression. In other words, 'don't be mental, be honest.'

Soulstrong Design: Bold Graphics, Creative Clarity
Graphic Design and Arts Management.
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Mr. Fair's visual art portfolio and his blog can be found at JustinFair.com - He blogs on all things inspiration: arts, design, spirituality, humor, fitness and health.