Welcome to Soulstrong Design. My name is Justin Fair. I am a Baltimore-based graphic designer, artist (and budding urban planner). I work with small business owners, artists, and designers to create inspirational artwork and graphic design that resonates. I help each of my clients gain a new perspective on how to better brand and market their work. I also exhibit my own artwork from time-to-time and I regularly blog about my interests, including my day job in the arts and urban planning. I explore topics ranging from wellness and workouts to inspirational street art and improving the 'street fabric'/health of urban neighborhoods.

Browse my work below; and feel free to reach out to me. I commute from Baltimore, MD to Washington, DC often, so my friends, clients, and interests stretch the corridor.

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Soulstrong Design: Bold Graphics, Creative Clarity
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Baltimore, MD

Justin's both a visual artist and budding urban planner. Browse his portfolio and his lifestyle blog at JustinFair.com - He blogs on all things inspiration: arts, design, spirituality, humor, fitness and health.