Developing a new artistic mission…

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So I’ve begun thinkin about a new mission statement for where I’ve been heading/where I want to go in my artwork. As I’ve been exploring performance art and marketing, listening to friends’ comments and concerns, and working at my internships and school, I want to bridge my interests together while branching outwards.

As I talked with the assistant director for “Am I Black Enough Yet?”, Armando, I reached a plateau. I want to promote my services while I explore my artwork. I want to have the time and make the time to actively work in my community by meeting people, meeting with people, enjoying my studio time, and socializing with others. For a long while, I’ve been occupied with school and work primarily, without really having the time or focus to explore myself and my art. Something that’s bugged me, is that while I’ve worked in my internships and have been to theatre performances, art exhibits, and one community meeting, I haven’t known how to take suggestions and directions from my peers and mentors and turn them into a working model for my lifestyle as an artist and designer.

What I realized with my short few minute talk with Armando, is that once graduation comes and goes, I’ll have the time to focus on two things: my job, and my vocation. As my friend George says, my art is a vocation: What I live and enjoy for my happiness. But doing too many things has left me without enough time to commit to each. How can I actively perform, draw, paint, design, philosophize/theorize, and learn from others in a comfortable manner when I’m overbooked and not pleased about it? Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been happiest this semester from all my other ones, because I’m studying subjects related to my artistic vocation, but I’m still I’m busy busy and still cannot find enough time in the day. By reworking and detailing how and why I feel this way, I can better my perspective. Once I get a job and a diploma, I can apply this perspective in my life as a graduate.

As I said earlier, I’m going to use this perspective in my recognizing my call to art. My mission statement can reflect this. Art needs to complement and serve as a lifestyle. I gotta keep thinking these thoughts over.

Saturday I am planning on performing at a theatre group called Kreativity’s open mic. Should I perform a poem? A song? A monologue? Create a performance piece in the process or as well? Lots of thoughts: All I know is whatever I choose, I’m going to be comfortable and allow my work to express and inspire me. I’ll be prepared, ready, and accessable.

One last thing I want to just touch upon as I continue to write down my thoughts, is that this perspective I’m forming (which I’ve been cooking and recognizing for years now but have only happily found/am finding for myself) must include that to create art and work in the arts, means for me that art can be emotional or mechanical, and that is all right. Additionally, I can allow myself to access and change between the two when creating art but must do so organically, sometimes carefully, consciously, and justifiably. It is good to be accessable in all ways. But for one’s own desire and right.

Well that’s all my thoughts for now. Rehearsal’s nearing close. Goodnight!


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