A Spotlight on a little great Café in Mt. Rainier

I sat in the Spotlight Café, located at the Mt. Rainier circle on Route One, marveling at the great bamboo works of Alonzo Davis, and sat wondering, what’s to become of this charming venue? Mt. Rainier has the buildings and the people to look like a great arts area—but it seems a bit too shaggy as a town center to excel at this stage in the game. Maybe a few years with more funding…well I see the potential.

George invited me to the reading and exhibit for Alonzo Davis’s booksigning, and I had the wonderful experience of not only seeing George perform, but I also got to meet great artisans and artwork. The Spotlight Café is a new little space, filled with art, sofas, and comfy chairs and tables for studying and chillaxin. I see great potential with the space, especially for readings, exhibits, and great get-together. They’ve got good lighting, can afford to fix up some decor (hey, they are new…), and they are a subsidary of a desserts bakery next-door, Delectable Cakery.

The staff is very friendly and charming, and while at the event their machine has some issues, they were more than willing to indulge me in a delicious hot chocolate-expresso creation plus a delicious cappuccino when the machine finally worked. I spent a good portion of my time eying their cakes, but for $6 though they look like great huge slices, I’m too college student-Plato’s diner-oriented. I need to come on back and grab a slice!

Long story short, I think they’re a place to check out and look forward to their growth.

Oh! And before I forget, Alonzo Davis is such a talented artist—His works will be exhibiting across the country. I’m currently hanging out with Valerie Watson and George Pelham, and not only is her house beautiful (see next blog post), but she also owns a Davis sculpture.

Happy Thanksgiving by the way!

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