Author: Justin Fair

Monday workout

First, lay down work with three sets of down facing dog and 12 reps of side leg lifts. Plus some cobra and other poses.

10 minutes leg lift treadmill machine

3 or so sets of assisted pull ups, 10 reps at 55, 85, 110 then struggling for 95, 70, 40.

Miss Manners on Social Media Best Practices

Dear Miss Manners: I am a social-media user and would appreciate a list of dos and don’ts for polite social-media use. I am also a young professional and would like to keep interactions with work colleagues appropriate, as well as those with old friends and family.

Do not post pictures of people without their permission — or of yourself, if you are not certain that there won’t be professional repercussions.

Do get separate social and business accounts if you are unable to perform the above.

Do not use “likes” to check your self-worth and the status of your friendships.

Do not post deeply personal things and then act shocked when your friends make reference to them.

Do not assume that any invitations sent on social media are binding. Or be surprised when either no one shows up — or overcrowding necessitates that the police do.

Do not use social media as a platform to disparage your friends, family or co-workers, even if you think you are doing so in vague terms. They will know.
Do stay in touch with people who are important to you through means other than social media. Miss Manners herself has enjoyed a long and healthy social life without it, and plans to continue doing so.

Bicycling, hips and core

Whereas last session I did 6 miles in an hour bicycling at level 3, today I did half an hour or stretching: 3 sets of 12 leg lifts laying down, with 3 sets of side leg lifts (at 20 reps) and 3 sets of 30 sec planks; followed by 35 min seated bicycle up to level 23. I definitely need to do more side leg lifts. Geez. Feels Good.


Shoulder press machine, 45, 60, 55 at 8 then 6 then 4 reps. Then 5 slow full squats. Hips!

How to Care

  1. Image titled Care Step 6
    Let yourself be more affected. Engage with the world and let it make an impact on you instead of brushing things off or being dismissive. When you acknowledge that something matters to you, you open the path to caring about it more deeply. Sure, it might be cooler to act like you just don’t care. But when you ignore how much something means to you, you’re losing an opportunity to gain wisdom from the situation.

    • Sometimes taking things personally might mean you have to be outside the norm. For example, maybe a group of people in your English class never do the required reading. They think it’s ridiculous to waste time reading novels, and they sit in the back of class chatting and texting instead of paying attention. If you care about getting a good grade, and you see the value in studying literature, you’ll have to be brave enough to do your work and pay attention in class, even if it doesn’t win you points with your classmates.
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    Be less dismissive. Are you sarcastic a lot? Is your default response to something new you learn usually dismissive or cynical? You aren’t alone. But think about the most interesting people you know—the self-assured ones who know where they’re going in life. They probably all share the quality of being earnest and positive when they discuss what they care about. Instead of trying to hide their passions behind a veil of sarcasm, they proudly display what makes them tick.

    • Don’t be afraid to try new things. Instead of instantly dismissing something new to you, give it a chance to move you.