Back to blogging

A question for y’all: What do you like about blogs and how can sharing information online actually be of use?

I haven’t blogged in a while, after all–I kept thinking ‘Hey, I’m busy,’ and as such, I felt disconnected from what was going on around me, and liked it, but hated it. I’ve been procrastinating thinking and finding stuff, uploading photos I took, and being as on-point about getting back to people and in a way, actively getting back to me. I guess what most folks would call it–I was chilling, taking a me-break, but as with everything, moderation, please!

Being that it’s memorial day, and I have the energy and the time, I hope today to post at least another time at least here at Soulstrong or on my own blog. I have a collection of business cards, a bunch of folks I’m still interested in after DC Pride Weekend, performing last night in Alan Sharpe’s Damage Control (two shows in a row!), and performing a few week’s ago in Thembi Duncan’s Mon Chaton. It’s been some busy times with me, I have a boyfriend, a job, family, friends, and I’m fortunate to have my health too.

To answer my question, I blog because it’s like introspection for me to write and think about little finds I have. I have a bagillion RSS feeds on my Google Reader but how can I get around to all of them? The other day, my fellow cast member, Sheila Cutchlow, was tellling us about her goal to meditate at least an hour each morning, and telling us about other responsibilities and interests she has. It inspired me not to keep putting that stuff on my backburner. If I want to do it, let me get around to it. I’d like to wake up early each morning, because I’ll go to sleep early; and I’d like to meditate. Then, have a good breakfast and read my morning “paper” (Google Reader)! After all, I go through some of the blogs late at night; and, when I’m on the bus, I read through my print magazines or books I have with me. So, why not find something interesting and take the time to share them more actively?

I read/look in GQ and say ‘Wow, that image’s really inspiring,’ then I let it pass. I think I’ll make my camera and scanner a bit more accessible. I have an easier time archiving my interests via blogging versus social networking—so let me share. Would you?