Baltimore’s Red Line

My brother Jason works as part of a program the City of Baltimore has started to provide creativity and better functionality for Baltimore’s upcoming Red Line. Please read the article, there’s a lot of good juice here!

On the Line by Rebecca Messner – Urbanite Magazine
For residents, the Red Line is both godsend and a headache.

Jason and I grew up in Woodlawn, so the Red Line does matter to how our neighborhood might change in the next five years. I’m always saying ‘I can’t move back to Baltimore and live with my parents! It’s too difficult to get to the art scene if any exists in Baltimore! Now that North Street’s happening (well getting there), there’s a bigger cause for me to be interested in Baltimore’s arts scene, but as someone who does not have a car, it’s a big no-no for me to move back to Baltimore and expect to get the same advantages I get while in DC. Baltimore’s arts centers are spread across its many towns (both in the city and county) and that means that I can’t get into the city well from the Security Square Mall area. I want speed and ease, and while living near a metro-hub like Security Square Mall is convenient (well, it’s sorta a hub, a lot of buses go there), and we don’t live terribly far from the Lochearn station, I have no pull to stay in Baltimore as far as being an entrepreneur. Hopefully the Red Line will change things.

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