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New Logo Design Cosmetics: Bee Hope, Hyattsville, MD

beehopeA big Small Business Saturday congrats to Bee Hope of #Hyattsville, MD; for whom I had the honor of designing their new logo! Much love! #Shopsmall #Shoplocal

The Background

Rene’s been a friend of mine for about 2 years now, where I met her upon the grand opening of her business Ballet, Tap and All That Jazz; with my community development work at the Hyattsville CDC.
Over the years, I’ve been honored to learn more about Rene’s interests and talents, including her personal care beauty products made from honey, including lotions, soaps, and the like. This last September, she debuted many artworks of her late father’s, adopting his trade name and arts company, Be Hope Arts.
09-horizontal-portfolioWhen Rene approached me for a design, she let me propose a few ideas from a blank slate. My first attempts played with
  1. The bee’s shape and the universal black-and-white theme, but when I thought of her father’s work, and the love that goes into her work, I knew we needed more feminine and strong than symbolic and representative.
  2. Be Hope v. Bee Hope; exploring how to play with her trade name and growing business model with her products’ being made from honey. Specifically, how to play with the ee in Bee; e.g. back-to-back, double-overlay.
  3. Attaching a bee wing to the ascenders and decenders for the lowercase b, h, p to imply honeybees with a decorative beauty.
Explorations later, with her vision statement in hand:
Bees are vital to our ecosystem and without them we would lack many things. I know Hope: Hope carries with it the promise of a greater future. – Rene Hoffler
I recognized we needed something light and airy that showed off the care and friendliness that comes with personal care products, while also drawing a clear visual to her product’s honey base.
By adopting a rosey pink-warm light yellow color tone, along with the Amber Shaie font by BytheButterfly, I recognized two strong points: playing with the e’s; and drawing and refining a warm bee pollinating flowers. The accent of the warm light yellow would define the casual approach that beauty products need, and the pink would provide the base. Three choices that buttered me up, and I hope Rene too:
  1. The flowers are loose swirls, that provide a simple playful nature
  2. The bee’s wings are graceful; the overall figure implies movement, particularly the right front-facing wing, with the bee’s back implied through the half-line.
  3. Lastly, the bee’s eye and lack of antenna imply interest and accent the round loops of the flowers.
Learn more about Be Hope Cosmetics here, and let me know of your thoughts on this design in the comments below!