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Stokowski/Philadelphia – Strauss: Tod und Verklärung op 24 (Death and Transfiguration)

I am the proud owner of a record player. My first record? “Death and Transfiguration” by Richard Strauss. (that’s my type of title!)

On a side note, I can’t wait for Red Onion Records to open in #Hyattsville #GatewayArtsDistrict.

Now, how best to recycle my old CDs?

The Road to Gentrification Will Be Lit With Edison Bulbs

“You can’t…brag how green you are by serving organic beer and locally grown produce while you are lighting your business with the least efficient light bulbs available in the world, ”scientist Noah Horowitz told the New York Times several years ago. Delightfully complicating this is the recent arrival of solid-state Edison bulbs, which use a thin array of light-emitting diodes instead of a tungsten filament. Indistinguishable from more than a few feet away, they epitomize our tangled obsessions with both technology and an imagined urban past.”