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I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter

“I make my own, because I’m a woman, and for us there are no fucking shortcuts. We spend 25 years working our asses off to be the most qualified Presidential candidate in U.S. history and we get beaten out by a sexual deviant who likely needs to call the front desk for help when he’s trying to order pornos in his hotel room.

Donald Trump is President, so I’m making the goddamn dough by scratch.”

Go to the wood!

You wish to have
The curse reversed?
I’ll need a certain
Potion first
Go to the woods and bring me back
One: the cow as white as milk
Two: the cape as red as blood
Three: the hair as yellow as corn
Four: the slipper as pure as gold
Bring me these
Before the chime
Of midnight
In three day’s time
Tis’ then the blue moon reappears
Which comes but once each hundred years
Just bring them and
I guarantee
A child as perfect
As child can be
Go to the wood!