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Expand your Environment

While doing some blog cruising today, I came across Ando Pndlian of search+ResQ thanks to (courtesy of photos below). Now, I still need to explore a bit more on why this designer’s work speaks to me, but immediately I’m reminded of the idea of natural growth: That from an original of something stimulating grows more stimulation. So whether it’s a city, or a plant, or people moving, you’ve got this A to B to C to D going on that drives not only the eye but also the mind. Here, Pndlian designs decorative items that can really bring destination and direction to a space or an object. WANT ONE!!!

“Speaking of Art…Tristan Perich” this Wed at UMD!

Everytime I hear about the Stamp Gallery’s events I’m always a bit envious and eager that I didn’t know about them ahead of time! THIS WEDNESDAY at 5:30pm the University of Maryland will host artist Tristan Perich as part of their Speaking of Art performance and visual art lecture series.

Will you be there? Find out more information at!

‘THIS for Diplomats; Festival des Artists’ art exhibit, open until May 2

Woodley Park/Adams Morgan is a versatile area. Did you know there’s an art gallery just across the street from the metro stop? The Stanford University in Washington hosts this hidden treasure of an art space. The current exhibit, which is open until May 2nd, 2011, is the fourth ‘THIS for diplomats; Festival des Artistes; Diplomacy through Art’ exhibit. This exhibit features the work of foreign diplomats who make their homes in DC.

The gallery’s website can be found here:

What caught my eye from the street was a case displaying jewelry; I am a jewelry artist, so I was drawn toward it. The jewelry is creatively displayed in bird’s nests, as if the beads were eggs. The dull color of the sticks in the nest accentuate the shiny baubles elegantly. Some are wire wrapped around glass beads, attached to wire circlets; others are intricate woven patterns done with seed beads. (more…)

Enjoy the Art Hop Takoma before it ends on Sunday the 10th!

Mei Mei Chang invited me on Facebook to come out to the Art Hop Takoma and check out her work this weekend, which started yesterday and runs until Sunday night. Unfortunately, I can’t come as I’m heading home to Baltimore this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check out Takoma Park!

Boy do I wish the Gateway Arts District had one of these! WAIT—there’s the Mount Rainier Build A Better Block project this weekend, tomorrow! I blogged about it the other day! You could in theory go from one project to the next!

What a weekend to miss out! You don’t want to miss it! Visit for more information! (more…)

Do they think ppl are stupid or just foolish?


Look at this sign I’m looking at on the bus. Do they really think ppl who use cocaine will openly confess it in order to get money in order to help research? Can’t the police just subpoena the information or narc it later or something? If not, still, what a system we have. One branch of government makes something illegal, the other one says ‘It’s bad if you do, but please keep on doing it so we can use you.’ America, America.

UPDATE: Response from Jacie: “When they say it’s confidential, they mean it. Now whether people are going to trust that, who knows. However, if they’re going to be on drugs anyway, why not use them? I’m certain throughout the study they would limit their use and offer them free treatment in the end. Otherwise, it would never have passed the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Actually, I’m not sure how it passed the IRB anyway because unless the study requires them to stop and examine the effects of withdrawal/ the damage already done, it would be unethical. Now, if I used cocaine, would I volunteer for the study? Heeeell no. XP From the look of the ad, they wanna cut their head open and look at their brains… “

Natalie Merchant’s “Circus” from Tigerlily

I forgot how much I like Natalie Merchant. This song sums up disillusionment.

I’ve walked these streets
A virtual stage
It seemed to me
Make up on their faces
Actors took their
Places next to me

I’ve walked these streets
In a carnival
Of sights to see
All the cheap thrill seekers
The vendors & the dealers
They crowded around me

Have I been blind
Have I been lost
Inside myself and
My own mind
By what my eyes have seen?

Have I been wrong
Have I been wise
To shut my eyes
And play along
By what my eyes have found
By what my eyes have seen
What they have seen?

Have I been blind
Have I been lost
Have I been wrong
Have I been wise
Have I been strong
Have I been
By what my eyes have found
In that great street carnival
In that carnival?

National Public Broadcasting Archives at UMD Hornbake Library

Located on the 3rd floor of Hornbake Library at UMD, there lies a magical resource of auditory and visual treasures…the National Public Broadcasting Archives. Aside from the huge amount of resources the UM System of Libraries has, this facility features antique radios, televisions, and other media sources from 1970 and earlier from the Radio & Television Museum located in Bowie, MD. Before I performed as Will Rogers in “Portraits of our Lives” with the Department of Theatre’s collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, I went to the Broadcasting Archives to listen to his speeches as a great companion to the many books I was finding. While there I fell in love with their antique radio and television sets. In fact, just a few weeks ago at Mishkan Torah, I met a man named Irv that works at the Radio & History Television Museum. More reason for me to go to Bowie and check it out!

imageFind out more from the museum at Find out more about the National Public Broadcasting Archives at The Broadcasting Archives works alongside the Library of American Broadcasting. Great collaboration!

“Theorizing the Web” Conference at UMD April 9

imageSomeone tell me about this “Theorizing the Web” conference going on…I’m only finding out about this now!

Technology has always been social and society has always been technological. This fact has become increasingly difficult to ignore following the recent explosion of collaborative and user-generated content—what is now generally referred to as “social media” or “Web 2.0.” The social Web has the potential to change and/or reinforce some of our most fundamental social relationships, including those with others, our selves, our bodies and our experience with reality itself. We wish to assemble a multi-disciplinary group of scholars interested in exploring how the Web both influences and is influenced by the social.

Gotta find out more at

Happening Now: “Diva’s Night Out” with National Chamber Ensemble at Spectrum Theatre at Artisphere

image It is intermission! I find myself spending an intimate evening  with Ms. Carmen Balthrop in Rosslyn, VA. Alongside José Cáceres (piano), Leonid Sushansky (violin), Lukasz Szyrner (cello), Ms. Balthrop is absolutely magnificent.

I will remember this night! A stream of beauty, skill, imagination and emotion has filled the room. As I sit with my friends, George and Oni, I am so appreciative to be here tonight. Every time I have the opportunity to see Ms. Balthrop, whom George knows, I’m knocked away. As a professor in the School of Music at UMD, it’s such a gift that my friend George can know her and my friend Jamar and Rameen learn from her, and we can see her so easily in the DC area. The last time I felt her presence was at The Fantasticks at UMD when she chatted with some of the performers and audience members after the performance, and even in chatting she was passionate and warm. Prior, I saw her in Shadowboxer at the Clarice Smith Center. Just amazing. Tonight, she soars again!

Perhaps I’ll post some photos from the reception later.

Find out more about the National Chamber Ensemble at

Artspring Pyramid Atlantic Community Arts Store & Gallery

imageSo I’m hanging out with my friend, Sarah, on the way to meet up with fellow artist, Hannah Spiro (musician), and what do we come across in Silver Spring? ARTSPRING: Pyramid Atlantic Community Arts Store & Gallery. I came into this delightful locally owned affordable craft store and gallery and thought, wait a second…these works look familiar! Pottery, scarves, jewelry, etc. by local artists like Mary Mallia and I think Mary Giammateo (and more of course!). We sell some of their work at the Brentwood Arts Exchange, small world! I must stop by sometime and take better notes. Hehe. (more…)