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Superhero Love

So for a moment I thought of finding those Disney-inspired hunky hero drawings, but then I decided against some superhero porno, in favor of photos from my trip to Midtown comics in New York last April. For other photos from this trip, visit my photo session for my arts blog on flickr.


I love my Grandma Esta, every week or so I talk with her to say hello. She’s a wise women whose spirit for life has been exhuberant for as long as I can remember.

The other day I read poems from my Blue Rain series and remembered how I (and then once again) miss my Grandma Rose. She continues to inspire me to reach further and work harder with more energy, happiness, and humor.

I look out the wndw sometimes 2 seek the color of the shadws & the diff greens in the trees, but when I get rdy 2 paint I just close my eyes & imagine a scene -Gma Moses

It’s important to have warm comforting put-up-with-no-b.s. ppl in life.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not here to live a nrmal life. I’m sent here on a mission…I came here as a man of visions. -Howard Finster, ’84

I’m currently writing this blog while tweeting at the Smithsonian Art Museum with my friend George. Follow my tweets @soulstrongarts if you’d like.

Photos from “Art, Coffee, & Conversation” as part of “Mama Earth” at The Center for Green Urbanism

I just found, edited, and uploaded photos from “Art, Coffee, & Conversation” as part of “Mama Earth” at The Center for Green Urbanism! Please see all of them on flickr! You can check out previous posts on “Mama Earth” from my blog here.

Here are a few of my favorites below.



I’ve never seen beauty up close.
A blessing to look upon,
You let me see you for who you are.
I’ve never stared into the sun before,
I remain bathed instead of burned.
When you’re beaming you’re invincible,
I’ll never need sunglasses,
I’ll never want to come out from the heat.
You’ll always challenge me to see beyond the obvious.
And when you turn red and burn with fire,
Whether for anger or for wondrous pleasure,
It’s your heat that I curl up to.
No, I hate the anger; Yes, I love the ignition,
Somehow my cool touch calms you,
Sometimes your heat melts away my cold feet and I melt into the earth.
If I settle the flames, know I’ll never drown the source,
Look upon me and I’ll reflect your rays,
I won’t turn astray.
You knock me from my slumber and as I rediscover who I am,
I look up and it’s beyond belief you’re beside me, a helping hand.
You hold out your hand as I lift myself up,
And when it’s your turn I’m beyond thankful I’ll do the same.
You, my love, brighten my day and brighten my path, yet leave me to walk it.
I glow when I see you, the happy blessings when we walk together.
I am beyond belief you’re right there before my eyes,
Smiling so bright, I am mesmerized..

Artspring’s new digs on Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring


So…I’m at the Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring, and found out Artspring Pyramid Atlantic Community Art Store has moved to a terrific space off Ellsworth Drive above the Splash Park. This new space is colorful, big, and relaxing. There’s an energy to explore and also little spaces to chill and just be with the arts and crafts. All of the work here is made in the US, most of which is local. A LOT of the artists here merge decorative crafts with fine art. It’s gorgeous. A nifty add about the new space is a gallery/multi-use space in the back; an easy spot for a food event, a knitting club, or something of that kind. I’m definitely coming back here, hopefully next week! Spread the love!

See my first post on Artspring here.

Finding/Creating a Great Cultural Experience

So today, I find myself at Silver Spring’s Weekly Saturday Open Market and surrounded by live music, farm-fresh and organic food, plants, and more–well this is what a good time is made of! Last night, I enjoyed dinner with friends following the Afro-Brazil Festival; and, tonight I will enjoy CAPITAL PRIDE! I’m reminding myself through living with friends that a fun time is finding a great venue with great people. Go somewhere that inspires you and you can inspire others!

If you care, I’m tweeting like a little bird on yo’ shoulder.

“Contain, Maintain, Sustain” by WPA, WSG at Artisphere in Arlington 5/19-7/17

Okay, so some of y’all may know how stimulated I’ve been by discovering new uses and visual ways in which folks recycle, reuse, and reinvigorate spaces, things, and themselves via creative energy and thriftyness. The Washington Project for the Arts, Washington Sculptors Group, and Artisphere have a joint-exhibit up at Artisphere called Contain, Maintain, Sustain and as much as I’ve been procrastinating, I shall no more! I shall find this exhibit and be transformed! Or so I tell myself, all I can really say is I’ve seen these postcards out and about, have heard a lot of good about WPA, am impressed by Artisphere’s website, and am eager to see other artists’ works on something integral to art-magic. My own sculptors have dealt with found materials and illusion, so I can only look forward to a great exhibit that can fuel my own tank of pure, delicious, green thought! I should probably also note I’m bugged I missed the opening reception but am pleased I can check out the exhibit because I helped plan out Design Studio Art Gallery (now Riggio Design)’s Recycled Art exhibit last April, so green art’s been with me for a while now.

Plus, another bonus, is that one of Contain, Maintain, Sustain‘s curators, Welmoed Laanstra, spoke as a panelist at Brentwood Arts Exchange’s “Walking Off the Artistic Cliff” event for Big Ideas (closing this Saturday!) last week and so I get to learn more of her background, I’d hope! There’s an upcoming curator talk featuring Laanstra this Saturday, June 11 at 3pm! Hmm…


More information below! (more…)

HCAA’s “Homage” Exhibit at Franklin’s in Hyattsville 6/12 3-5pm @mygatewayarts

The Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance is exhibiting their newest local exhibit, “Homage,” at Franklin’s Restaurant – It’s opening reception is Sunday, June 12, 2011 from 3 – 5 pm. I just joined HCAA and look forward to joining these amazing artists in local exhibitions!

Artists on display: Roxanne Ando, Malika Bryant, Eileen Cave, Ricardo Concepcion, Jan Garland, Antoine Goho, Ruth Horlick, Kris Beso Jenkins, Monna Kauppinen, James Landry, Mike Lewandowski, Barbara LoMacchio, Denise Marie, Delene Mendez, Dana McQuillan, Delia Mychajluk, Stevie O’Grady, Charles Reiher, Joseph Rogers, Sally Ann Rogers, Nancy Sims, anden Van Allen.

I’m also told “There will be appetizers, but a cash bar for everyone.  There will also be a raffle for one of Joseph Rogers paintings at $1.00/ticket.”  Sounds like good fun, good people, and great artwork! (more…)

Artist Talk, “The New Face of the World” Thurs 6/9 7pm-9pm @ The 39th St Gallery @mygatewayarts

I’m going to this fascinating artist talk tomorrow night at the 39th Street Gallery at Gateway Arts Center with my friend George, and I’m very looking forward to this one! From the description given, this talk focuses on commonplace signage’s importance and how we view these public information signs as socially relevant ‘things.’ I love social-critique discussions! Thanks to John at the Gateway CDC for telling me about this!!!

Find out more information and RSVP on Facebook at! (more…)