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Music To Watch Boys To

“Honeymoon finds Del Rey reverting, after the more atomised, individual characters of last year’s Ultraviolence, to a composite persona closer to the dissolute subject of her Born to Die debut. Not only does her vocal delivery remain the same throughout, but also its protagonist’s “voice”; while the emotional impact of what might sometimes be traumatic developments seems somehow damped, as if experienced through a narcotised haze. Happy or sad, angry or apologetic, dominant or submissive, it’s apparently all the same to Del Rey, who floats through these songs with a weird indifference.” Andy Gill, The Independent

Split Leaf Philodendron (philodendron bipinnatifidum)

Split Leaf Philodendron (philodendron bipinnatifidum): This appears to be a split leaf philodendron, a large tropical plant that makes an excellent specimen plant indoors or outdoors where there is no frost Provide bright indirect light indoors or filtered light or shade outdoors and water when the top inch of soil is dry. Do not allow plant to sit in water as this may lead to root rot.


Philodendron (philodendron species): Your plant appears to be a Philodendron. It likes bright indirect light outdoors and moderate water. In pots, water only when the soil feels dry down to your first knuckle. Depending on the species and cultivar, the latex from the leaves and the stems/branches can be very irritating to the skin so be sure to wear protective gloves when handling. Prized for its attractive leaves. This is possibly a Heart-Leaf Philodendron.