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The Meaning of Blight A word that was originally about plant diseases became “infused with racial and ethnic prejudice” when it moved to the city.

RT @baltimoresun: The rise and fall of 900 N. Payson St. reveals the story of Baltimore’s blight — how thousands of good homes have come to ruin, and how one of them turned deadly.

RT @NDCMaryland: We are SO PROUD to partner and collaborate with Morgan State regularly. Go Morgan State University – School of Architecture + Planning!! #EquitybyDesign…

Reverberations | The Roots and Relevance of Community Design #Baltimore

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“Dirty Computer” by @JanelleMonae Review on @Pitchfork

Dirty Computer affirms that we are never more naked than when we stand in our joy. The whole of it is a testament to inclusivity both verbally and sonically. And Monáe’s love is liberation, for her and for us.

RT @BmoreDoc: One of the things our Powermap shows on is that many of the redlined and yellowlined neighborhoods and industrial zones of the past (1937) are really struggling today. A few do flip. But the legacy of Baltimore Apatheid endures. #BlackDataMatters

RT @BmoreDoc: One day I want to have a conversation about purist transit advocates who push bikes & public transit, but don’t deal with the fact that the federal government subsidized White flight with massive highway spending & cities don’t place bike infrastructure in Black neighborhoods.