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Muslim Scouts pursue an American tradition — in an America wary of Muslims

“Muslim Scouts pursue an American tradition — in an America wary of Muslims” By David Montgomery on the Washington Post

“Scouting embodies a tradition of self-reliance and social improvement that migrated from Britain more than a century ago. Norman Rockwell certified Scouting as all-American by painting dozens of scenes of apple-cheeked Scouts doing their good turns daily for the nation. As Scouting grew more diverse, it remained a place where words such as “character,” “citizenship” and “patriotism” were spoken without a blush. (Scouting has been slower to evolve on the issue of sexual orientation, lifting bans on gay Scouts in 2014 and gay Scout leaders last year.)

To Muslim American parents, tapping into the patriotic tradition meant as much as the other incentives for putting kids in Scouts: getting them off the couch, offline and outdoors. The parents also thought Scouting complemented lessons of service, charity, good deeds and upright character taught in the Koran.

Yet the wave of Islamophobia had brought on a new level of introspection in the Muslim American community about what the country was becoming, and what growing up in this political climate would mean for their children. Weren’t their sons and daughters honoring the same American ideals as the Scout troops in Liberty, Mo., and New Freedom, Pa.?”

What does Project CORE mean for Baltimore’s historic neighborhoods? – Baltimore Heritage

Baltimore Heritage on Project Core:

“Last month, Baltimore Housing and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) shared their 2016 plan for 75 demolition “clusters” (each cluster ranging in size from two to twenty-three buildings) for a total of 468 buildings in twenty-nine neighborhoods. We have published a list of these demolition clusters and created a simple map based on that data. Photographs of the buildings proposed for demolition are available in this report from DHCD.”