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What Jews Of Color Hear When You Say Gal Gadot Isn’t White

“Despite arguments to the contrary, race is not a metaphysical phenomenon nor a biological reality. If Mueller, Behan, Tuttle-Singer and Rosenbaum were to focus their sights on the specific political institutions of the United States and Israel that produce race, they might reconsider their conclusion that white Ashkenazi Jews are a “people of color” or “white-passing.” Were European Jews not white when they joined their fellow white-skinned Americans as willing participants in chattel slavery — owning slaves in the American Jewish hub of Charleston at the same rates as their Christian neighbors? Were they not able to naturalize as “free white persons” when Asian immigrants were categorically deemed “aliens ineligible for citizenship?” Were they not recipients of white privilege and power when the reaped the financial benefits of the G.I. Bill that systematically excluded Black veterans? Certainly, there has always been anti-Semitism in the United States — from anti-Jewish immigration quotas to exclusive housing covenants. But to deny that European Jews have by and large benefited from the construction of white supremacist settler states in North America is an insult to the communities on whose backs the “American Dream” has been built.”

The Whiteness of Wonder Woman

White peoples…

“Mueller argues that Caucasian equals white, as if whiteness is an actual ethnicity or regional background.

But the truth is that whiteness isnt a biological or historical truth; its a fuzzy, culturally determined category that has fluctuated widely over time. At various historical moments and in various places, Irish people, Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans, and, of course, Jews, have been excluded from the category of white people. It may seem ridiculous to say that a nationality like Israeli is non-whitebut Donald Trump racialized the nationality of Mexicans during the 2016 campaign. Whiteness isnt a formally defined, logical system. Its a blunt instrument designed to enable some people to hurt others. As such, it doesnt have to be particularly elegant or well made.”