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Monday workout

First, lay down work with three sets of down facing dog and 12 reps of side leg lifts. Plus some cobra and other poses.

10 minutes leg lift treadmill machine

3 or so sets of assisted pull ups, 10 reps at 55, 85, 110 then struggling for 95, 70, 40.

RT @NPR: According to a 2011 study, 1 in 10 deaths in Mongolia’s capital can be attributed to air pollution. One man is trying to fight that by creating green communities.

Bicycling, hips and core

Whereas last session I did 6 miles in an hour bicycling at level 3, today I did half an hour or stretching: 3 sets of 12 leg lifts laying down, with 3 sets of side leg lifts (at 20 reps) and 3 sets of 30 sec planks; followed by 35 min seated bicycle up to level 23. I definitely need to do more side leg lifts. Geez. Feels Good.


Shoulder press machine, 45, 60, 55 at 8 then 6 then 4 reps. Then 5 slow full squats. Hips!