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Beyond Basics

This yoga class had me sweating and working hard. A lot of core and holding positions. Terrific!

Slow and Walking

Treadmill…5 min walking 3mph 5%
5 min 12% at 3
5 min 5% at 3
5 min at 2
Steady walking back and forth, slowly and surely.

Yoga Basics

Slow and steady wins the race. Today was a good check in not to move too fast.

Transition Tuesdays


Transition Tuesdays. One that I’ve been working on for a while although I’m still having trouble catching the straddle handstand. #tittibhasana to #handstand back to #tittibhasana to a resounding butt thud. #melbourneyoga #melbournelovesyoga #yogadudes #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverydamnday #inverted #armbalance #stopdropandyoga by jeffmoscato
Go to for what-every-thing yoga you need.

Transition Tuesdays

Anyone Can Be A Good Runner

Anyone Can Be A Good Runner

How consistently should I run?

For running to be a sustainable hobby, sometimes you have to skip one. If you feel like dogshit, don’t go running. It’s okay to skip a run here or there to go out with friends, or do whatever. Skipping a single training session won’t set back your progress one iota. What will set you back is that slight calf niggle graduating into a full-blown strained calf because you pushed too hard, and all of a sudden you’re out for a month. You should do almost anything to avoid an injury.