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Arms Abs Legs Back 9/12/2012

30 crooked bar
15 push on bench, 15
15 above head
Leg extension 30 for 30 legs, then 10 together
2 15 30s abdominals
1 15 30 back
1 15 50 back (start here next time)
5 upside down obliques on bench, each side. Difficult.
Abduction 3 sets of 70 w 15 rest

Legs 8/28/2012

3 sets 15 abduction out to in at 60
20 leg curl 12
15 sec rest 12
30 leg ext very challenging l r12
50 leg ext same both 12
Hip adduction in from out at 85 (70+15) do more next time 15
Seated leg curl 30 challenging 12

Exercise Workplan

“Action without planning is the biggest cause of failure”

Assessment (where am I now?)

  • I view myself as slim. I have body fat and have developed a pouch because my abs are not visible. I have stronger legs but don’t feel that my ass is as trim as I want. My arms, chest, back, and core do not feel strong. I feel that burden when I work out and when I feel self conscious.
  • My asthma and fear of such has held me back. I view it now as controlled as it will ever be. As such, with moderation, I must exercise appropriately as to avoid an attack.
  • After much thought, I must begin my workouts strenuously. I must schedule them in weeks ahead of time. I currently am not this particular.
  • I make excuses not to work out. Similarly, I make excuses not to rest or I excuse rest for being active.
  • I compare myself to others and substitute my own motivation for planning to plan in the future. Similarly, I use my admiration and lust for other men in real life and in imagery for substitution to cope with not acting well enough myself.
  • I hold myself responsible then begin to dislike myself.
  • I have gotten better in the last few years in my eating healthy foods and restricting my fatty foods by not indulging in sweets, by jogging weekly or taking time to stretch, do Alexander Technique, or do muscular work.
  • I have seen improvement all in all by my body becoming better defined,but I want visible results.

Goal setting (where do I want to go?)

Creating a plan or strategy (How will I get where I want to go?)
—experience an adaptive response (more muscle, more strength, less fat and all that other good stuff), you must a repeat a certain modality or exercise consistently over a long enough period of time to allow the adaptive response to occur and to reap the full benefits (rather than changing exercises at every workout)

  • Don’t compare to others
  • Be responsible by planning ahead
  • Don’t let the past get in the way of the future
  • Toned core, toned legs, toned arms. Thicker face.
  • Firm, round ass
  • Thicker biceps
Continue thoughts and brainstorming on THURSDAY
Create schedule on FRIDAY
BEGIN workout on Monday

Executing the plan (what action steps must I take daily to reach my goal?)
Strive to beat your previous workouts

  • Wake up early to start day early
  • Reserve an hour and a half’s time for prep 5, work out (10 warm up, 45 work out), 5 cool down, 10 clean up
  • Plan out two days’ meals ahead of time and make sure you’re eating enough
  • Be disciplined and consistent:†Keep self-esteem in check by scheduling workouts
  • Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, get relaxed, close your eyes and form mental images of yourself having the body youíve always wanted, completing perfect workouts with motivation and enthusiasm and reaching all your goals. These images will penetrate your subconscious mind and literally program your brain to activate your body for total success.†Do this through Alexander Technique, 30 min in morning after tea and breakfast. Wake at 7am, 7:30-8am Alexander, then 8am-8:30am muscular workout. 8:30-9am cool down and wash up. 9am leave.
  • Leave work at 5pm. Do laundry at Erica’s, then make bed from 5:00pm-7pm. Leave house at 7pm, arrive to Oni at 8pm. Get to CL house at 8:30pm.
  • Once back at Oni’s, prepare with 10 minutes Alexander, then 5 minute warm-up. 30 minute exercise. Cool down, rest.
  • Eat after working out (protein and carbs)

Measuring results (how will I know if Iím moving towards my goal and how will I know when Iíve reached it?)

  • When the same work out for 2 weeks becomes a standard