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Last evening, I was delighted to join one of my closest friends, Ashley, to join Thursday Network in their fundraiser book drive event with Revival DC, a variety show of Black poets, singers, and  visual artist too. The event was a pleasure to enjoy, plus I won a raffle of one musician’s album sets, and my business card got picked so I was able to share my work with Soulstrong Design publicly. What a memorable evening.


Do that Tyra Banks! #RevivalDC

. @CandenWebb performs her poetry at #RevivalDC

Make Hast! Glory! @allusionsofgrandeur #RevivalDC

Work while you are waiting! HAVE PATIENCE! @allusionsofgrandeur #RevivalDC

I just won a raffle! Thanks to @YushaAssad for offering this amazing set of his work at #RevivalDC

I can’t wait to listen to this guy’s tracks. #RevivalDC @yushaassadmusic

Don’t be foolish, live your own life @greenspan410 #revivaldc

Stand in the final hour, can’t afford to give away your power…freedom’s in your eyes @imayannagregory #revivaldc

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Alleys & Intersections Exhibition at HOME Artist Residency


The mood was RIGHT! @jaejinmusic and @maxferency perform at #homeartistresidency


Gorgeous! @jaejinmusic performs at @homeartistresidency #highlandtown #Baltimore



Chicken! #BurgersBrewsBay

How terrific! Sheep! #BurgersBrewsBay

Clagett Farm #BurgersBrewsBay

Moo #BurgersBrewsBay