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These crumbs are not conversation starters

‘The Tenth’ Zine is a flawless response to #GayMediaSoWhite & Awful Gay Magazines

“While some fashion magazines have published a special “all-black” issue, and black magazines sometimes run a story through an LGBT-lens and gay magazines will put the President on the cover even though he happens to be black, we shouldn’t be beginning for these crumbs. These crumbs are not conversation-starters. They are not meant to fulfill, but to pacify. What we need is to build our own goddamn table, and you know it’s gotta be at least ten times better.”

How Many Married

Stuck at the doctor. On the television is the Game Show Network. How many married women would go to their son’s wedding to another man? Not 5 Nancy, you suck. Listen to your own argument.

It’s her son, and she’d want him to be happy. 23. You go Patty, you go! #lgbt

Gender-Neutral Singular They by

Gender-Neutral Singular They at

The linguists have voted, but will gender-neutral singular they actually catch on? As a pronoun for gender nonconforming individuals, they seems more poised to take off in a mainstream way over another option like ze, because they is already a part of all English speakers’ vocabularies. There’s less of a barrier to entry, especially with major publications like the Washington Post officially allowing its use as part of their style guide. As linguist Geoff Nunberg recently pointed out (no doubt with a twinkle in his eye): “everyone uses singular they, whether or not they realize it.”

Today’s Friday poetry moment in quotes

Every week, I get an awesome quote or two from my boss Stuart for our now much-looked-forward-to Friday poetry moment in quotes. Today’s? By Kurt Vonnegut:

If you really want to hurt your parents and you don’t have nerve enough to be homosexual, the least you can do is go into the arts.

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.

Resonates! Next time I go skydiving I want to do so through a rainbow.

Do I Sound

Justin Fair on Twitter

Watching ‘Do I Sound Gay’ #LGBT #Language #Tone #accent #Voice Whn I startd w #LinklaterVoice #Acting, this was so interestng + empowering

Justin Fair on Twitter

Still amazd + interestd that so many groups of peoples who identify with certain characteristics subconsc pick up same speech patterns

Justin Fair on Twitter

Peculiar to me that so-called #gayvoice is so visible, but ppl don’t c or rather don’t talk about other forms. Gonna start noting them! Heh

Justin Fair on Twitter

Speech Therapy in school: I legitimately wasn’t understandable. How intrstng tht misarticulations + “lisp” r identified. Not in my case.