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“This Is What They Did For Fun”: A Modern-Day Lynching In Mississippi

From BuzzFeed: “A Modern Day Lynching” by Albert Samaha

“And so he sat at the far end of the courtroom bench and watched. He looked at the white people on the benches across the aisle. Some of them were crying. Some of them shook their heads and wore sad, anguished expressions.
Bradfield tried his best to look away. “I hated to sit there and see the look on their faces,” he said. “Looking at the faces of their parents, the only thing that was going through my mind was ‘All of y’all are damn racists.’ There was so so much anger in me. They were acting like they wanna cry and I look at them like, ‘What the hell you crying for?’”

“The murder of the man he loved had become a public symbol — of Mississippi’s ongoing struggle to wash away the blood staining its history, of the tensions that lingered between the sins of America’s past and the ideals it aimed to fulfill. To Bradfield, though, it was a private grief. “Nobody else could understand what I lost,” he said. “They took everything from me. That was everything.”

I can’t!

Somehow Oni and I are accidentally watching The Birdcage (somehow it got popped in the DVD player!) – Must stop, we need to head to bed! As if we haven’t memorized every line…

@cwseed Hey, can’t watch #teamhusbands Pt 3, just when the going’s gettin even better! Skips directly to Pt 2

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