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RT @SenWarren: Mary Hamilton successfully fought a court system that denied Black Americans the dignity of being called Mr. or Miss. Her heroic actions advanced equality for all Americans. #BlackHistoryMonth

‘Social progress catnip’! LOVE everything about this review: “Let it be resolved in 2019: No more movies about race that center white people’s feelings” by Melanie McFarland of Salon @McTelevision

Native American 100 things

RT @drrachelhewitt: In 1975, some researchers concluded that ‘social power is the ability to move others, spatially or otherwise’; and that these sex-based differences in pedestrian behaviour clearly mapped a vast differential of social power. In short, men stamp their power onto public space.

Stop Stripping Female Jewish Converts Like Ivanka Of Their Agency via @jdforward “In other words, 17% of Jews chose Judaism. It’s a large number and a growing population. We should treat this group with more respect and less casual disregard.”