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Native American 100 things

RT @drrachelhewitt: In 1975, some researchers concluded that ‘social power is the ability to move others, spatially or otherwise’; and that these sex-based differences in pedestrian behaviour clearly mapped a vast differential of social power. In short, men stamp their power onto public space.

Stop Stripping Female Jewish Converts Like Ivanka Of Their Agency via @jdforward “In other words, 17% of Jews chose Judaism. It’s a large number and a growing population. We should treat this group with more respect and less casual disregard.”

RT @26_NFulton: On this Veteran’s Day we pray for those who have served our nation to protect our freedom –for the hardships they faced and the sacrifices they made. We pray that these men and women of honor and valor are blessed by You, Lord with peace, love and comfort in their hearts. Amen.