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Please be careful when driving. I witnessed a car smash into a guardrail this morning on I-295 after Powder Mill Road. I hope those involved heal and can move on from such a sad accident.

Have you heard ‘Episode 17: A Series Of Burial Plot Twists’ by The Rise of Charm City on #SoundCloud? #mountauburncemetery #baltimore #np

Ruth Adler-Schnee Fabrics

In a hunt through my old files from undergrad at UMD, I found a batch of textile photos I had taken when Ruth Adler-Schnee exhibited at the Kibel Gallery at UMD School of Architecture. I can’t find the original blog post, but here are the photographs I uploaded.

Amazon Cloud Gallery

Flickr Gallery

Ruth Adler-Schnee Fabrics

Uploaded from Mac “Documents/Backups/Google Photos/2011/2011-07” on Justin’s MacBook Pro

And a cool article I found:

Q&A: Trailblazing Detroit Designer Ruth Adler Schnee

— Justin Fair (@Soulstrong) December 28, 2018