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Searching for Opportunities in Urban Planning and in Community Development

I wear many hats…

As such, I am eager to get better involved by volunteering, giving, and familiarizing myself with community development organizations and urban planning firms within the City of Baltimore. I’m open to projects like:

  • Community Profiling and Scoping Neighborhood Plans
  • Framing branding statements, promotional text and fliers
  • Database development to help list local resources
  • Research and write historical narratives
  • Site visit and tour neighborhoods
  • Sit on committees and offer insights

I am also on-the-job-hunt! Please contact me if you know of an opportunity that may interest me.

Civic Engagements

I am active in my community on three fronts: volunteering, financial donations, and employed engagement.

As a nutty list-maker, I’ve written-out my leadership positions followed by yearly or monthly giving to local non-profit organizations.

For an additional list of companies, influencers and associations that grab my attention, browse my Twitter Lists.

$12 to enterprising window washing teens

What are the best things to do on weekends as a student at the University of Maryland?

Live like a local! Or, have a great time spending money and/or time in your own community. Here’s my list, but Maryland Milestones has a whole set of brochures to answer this.

  1. MilkBoy ArtHouse for brews and drinks and live music
  2. Franklin’s in Hyattsville, Pizza Paradiso or Chez Dior for dinner, and boutique shops in the Gateway Arts District
  3. Hop between Vigilante Coffee and Board and Brew
  4. Head to local mainstay pubs and grubs like Hard Times Cafe or up north, Old Line Spirits or the numerous international restaurants in Beltsville
  5. Go see real theatre and music at The Clarice
  6. Go see real art at the UM Art Gallery, Stamp Gallery, Driskell Center
  7. College Park Airport Museum, Rhode Island Trolley Trail, and Lake Artemesia
  8. More earthy? UM is an arboretum, no really. Start your tour at UMUC opposite the soccer fields off Lot 1/Z
  9. Find the small town-within-a-college-town: Berwyn, and align your chakra at Smile Herb Shop
  10. Find another hidden Town, University Park, an idyllic Stepford-meets-Princeton residential town, South of College Park, just opposite Hyattsville’s Prince George’s Plaza and Riverdale Park Station.

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Lyrical Thoughts

Lyrical Thoughts

The Male Brand for the 20-30 something?

I browse Pinterest and often stumble across masculine accessories and design schemes, but if you apply that principle to search engines, then I’m done. I need to go to bed. Why? Well, I’ve stumbled across a website called It hurts. “Gifts for men.” I give them props and must admire them for the concrete identification of masculine goods and how to present them. But oy vay…for me, this epitomizes the notion of men who want designer can openers but can’t open cans nor actually go camping. Now, I get it’s a thin line between function and form compared with when an individual actually wants to use an item versus their lifestyle, but it’s all a bit heavy on the image of ‘dude’/’man’/’guy’ items and less the items’ purpose itself.

I’ll dig up my post on male v. feminine form for decor, gifts, etc. – Seems only fitting.

I’ll note this isn’t new to me, and I’ve seen this before; especially because the average American male in their 20-30s normally wouldn’t even care about the ‘image’ of the item, let alone paying for a crate of them, but it’s a thing I’ve seen more and more of lately. I get the audience is women shopping for gifts for men. I get it’s folks with money. I get it’s a growing subculture of customized goods. Alas, in my quest to be decor-oriented and stylish, there’s a fine line between taste and tasty.

Too much salt here for me.