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Justin on: Gardening

So the summer sun has come, and with it my plants have begun the slow sad process of dying…unless I actually water them and research what to do with them! I can’t let dem marigolds die! No mama no!

Last night, at the “Walking Off the Artistic Cliff” event at the Brentwood Arts Exchange, I spoke with a woman about my potted plants. She said they’d die faster if they stay in pots, because they won’t have the same access to water and nutrients. Alas! Things I know but haven’t quite decided if I care or not. So, after a number of days, and seeing my housemate McKenna had watered my pots, for days now I’ve watered my plants and watched as they’ve come back to life. The lady recommends I buy portulaca, that it’s good for ‘desert sun.’ Hmm.

Coincedentally, my two new housemates Danielle and Will, have taken to hacking and conquering our weedy lawn, and so voila–maybe I will move my plants into the ground. Maybe the house can look nice for the last two months I’ll be there…OR, maybe I’ll say goodbye and let the house look the mess it is.

Random endless thoughts.

In any case, here’s a fun article on raised garden beds and how to make ’em.


March has arrived! In just one month I’ve begun working at the Brentwood Arts Exchange @ Gateway Arts Center, exploring what art means both to myself as well as to others, I’ve seen theatre and art exhibits in my neighborhood as well as elsewhere, and exploring what it means to truly understand what it means to get out there and get my feet wet in the professional art world! No university-bubble blocking me in anymore, time to breathe on my own–right?

For March, I’ll be taking a step up in how I run Soulstrong Arts Blog (SSA). Following suggestions of friends, family, co-workers, and passerbys…

    • Creating a system for how I find local art happenings and how I write/photograph about them
    • I’m planning on getting new business cards printed with SSA on the back
    • Getting postcards or fliers promoting the blog printed and out across the Gateway Arts District
    • Soliciting friends, students, and neighborhood folks for stories and columns based on their experiences, finds, and interests
    • Even more, getting co-authors and guest authors
    • Asking more people for their opinions, thoughts, suggestions, and advice on how to operate both the blog and my own work
    • And last but definitely not least (more like extending a first), finalizing the business plan and my hopes for this blog to promote artists and art aficionados both locally and worldwide


    Do you have any ideas? Anything interesting come to mind? Please let me know!


    P.s. I’ve been featured as Art4TheMasses’ February 2011 Artist Of The Month. In my interview, not only did I have the opportunity to discuss my artwork and how theatre and art work together, but I also was able to share my a bit of my philosophy on how artists and community go hand in hand. Watch the interview from my blog at and please let me know of your thoughts by commenting on the page!