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Calvert Brewing Company, Bowie, MD

Visited the Calvert Brewing Company in Bowie, MD (Prince George’s County) today with my team at the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, to discuss the upcoming Downtown Hyattsville Arts & Ales Festival on September 10th, with the Brewers Association of Maryland. Field trip!

Calvert Brewing Company, Bowie, MD

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Calvert Cream Ale, Wye Rye, Good Company, Senor Besos @CalvertBrewing #princegeorgescounty

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Print Giveaway!

Print Giveaway! Comment here or on Facebook with a link or quote of your favorite poem by Friday. Winner receives a print of “Lovin’ the Big Easy” in color, varied edition 3/30; with matte. I’ll be starting a new series of pastel/conte drawings this Summer to celebrate music, love, movement and the almighty above.

Hampden Shops, Baltimore, MD

My best man Jacob and I went exploring today, and found ourselves enjoying Hampden. If I had to draw a scene of a corridor of decorative shops, cafes, bars, and yuppie gluten-free mustache lumberjack settings, I’d draw Hampden.


 IMG_20151111_153528500_HDR.jpg IMG_20151111_153519841.jpg IMG_20151111_152846850.jpg IMG_20151111_152621338.jpg IMG_20151111_152430198.jpg IMG_20151111_152420621.jpg IMG_20151111_152314560.jpg IMG_20151111_152309599.jpg IMG_20151111_152304754_HDR.jpg IMG_20151111_152234094.jpg IMG_20151111_152219501.jpg IMG_20151111_152214892.jpg IMG_20151111_151939433.jpg IMG_20151111_151934809.jpg IMG_20151111_151931280.jpg IMG_20151111_151833586.jpg IMG_20151111_151830494.jpg IMG_20151111_151814902.jpg IMG_20151111_151807318.jpg IMG_20151111_151708910.jpg IMG_20151111_151639437.jpg IMG_20151111_151628145.jpg IMG_20151111_151536202_HDR.jpg IMG_20151111_151431388.jpg IMG_20151111_151259061.jpg IMG_20151111_151230892.jpg IMG_20151111_151214735.jpg IMG_20151111_151128623.jpg IMG_20151111_150857307_HDR.jpg IMG_20151111_150852974.jpg IMG_20151111_150850287.jpg IMG_20151111_150656641.jpg IMG_20151111_150639253_HDR.jpg IMG_20151111_150615448.jpg IMG_20151111_150606791.jpg IMG_20151111_150555167.jpg IMG_20151111_150548083.jpg IMG_20151111_150542656.jpg IMG_20151111_150357858.jpg IMG_20151111_150302458.jpg


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