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Justin Fair Live Performance of “Conduit” @HillyerArtSpace’s “Soapbox” Thu 1/19, starts at 7pm @soulstrong

My friends, please join me next Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at the Hillyer Art Space for their January Soapbox performance art series. Please join me as I perform one of my newest performance art pieces live, called Conduit, at the Hillyer Art Space. I am very fortunate and honored to be invited to perform alongside two fellow performance artists (Carolyn Becker and Celeste Merie Welch) in the first of Hillyer Art Space’s 2012 Soapbox series. The Soaphox series is a monthly performance art series at Hillyer Art Space, which seeks to bolster and expand performance art in and around Washington, D.C. $5 suggested donation. For more information, please click here. The Hillyer Art Space is located at International Arts & Artists (get directions). Please RSVP on the Facebook event page to let us know if you’re coming!


January Soapbox at Hillyer Art Space

–> Thursday, January 19th, at 7:00pm  

Conduit is a performance piece crafted to allow the performer to communicate melody and raw emotion through his movement and sound alone. By suggesting steady rhythm through dance, the sound of human breath and the beats made by hitting the ground are emphasized to exalt the power of being “in the moment.” Conduit‘s concept illustrates the mantra, “If I can do it, You can do it: If I am a conduit, you are a conduit.” The purpose of the piece, while autobiographical, has an easy to grasp universality. Its symbolic gestures become its tool so its live audience can easily grasp that message. Many of my pieces speak about the growth-process after emotional strain, yet unlike the rest, Conduit does not address reflection, instead it reinterprets the ‘from bad comes good’ by focusing on the good: specifically, why being a messenger of good is so important.

Conduit is the fifth in my Series body of works, chronicling my visual and performance artworks based on specific mantras/terms that develop into multiple versions of each piece.

Next Friday Jan 6th at 5:30pm: Justin Fair Artist Talk at #Hyattsvill?e @BusboysandPoets First Fridays @soulstrong

First Fridays at Busboys & Poets Hyattsville

–> Artist Talk: Friday, January 6th, 5:30-7:30pm 
New year, new mindset, new goals: Celebrate the New Year with me at the new Busboys and Poets. Not only will I have the opportunity to speak about my artwork and my process, I will also join three amazing artists to speak as well. Please visit here for more information! I hope to see you! Lets toast to the new year with good people, amazing art, and tasty hummus, fruit, veggies, and wine!
Featured Artists on Jan. 6th:


“Created In Our Own Way” Closing Reception at #GatewayArts Center Wed 12/14 5-7pm

Please come celebrate the holidays with us as we enjoy some munchies, wine, and hot chocolate!

Wed, Dec 14th, 5-7pm at the Gateway Arts Center 2nd Floor

"Musical Memories" by Jeanne Sullivan, $130

Musical Memories by Jeanne Sullivan, $130

Created In Our Own Way Closing Reception at Gateway Arts Center 

The artwork of Malika Bryant, Jeanne Sullivan, and Justin Fair

Come celebrate the holidays with us as we hold a closing reception for Created In Our Own Way, a group exhibition in which we each continue to explore the intrigue our artwork brings to our passions and images of self on Wednesday, December 14th from 5-7pm. The exhibition will be open additionally on Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Thursday evening from 7-9pm, Friday evening from 7-9pm as I will also open the 39th Street Gallery’s Shape Shifters and my studio as Artist-In-Residence; and, on Saturday afternoon from 12-4pm.

Located at the Gateway Arts Center on the second floor is the 39th Street Gallery Corridor Exhibition Space. Just head up the sidewalk and follow the red banister. 3901 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood MD, 20722.

Defeating Demons

Well, this is the last video I’m doing of “Demons” for now. It’s been a fun road, with each performance and each recording seeing how I can present and see myself in new ways, as well as learning and practicing how to transform the song, my use of my voice, my expressions, and most important in this work, the beat-work. Me as human drum.

Other “Demons” videos:


Lyrics are below:

Demons – An Original Work by Justin Orlando Fair
Created 7/29/11

I’m worn down,
I won’t make a sound.
I can’t leave this alone,
My heart is set in stone.

Leave me behind if I’m not good enough.
I have been blind, my skin’s turned tough.
I can’t fight no more, I’m sure,
This is the right decision…

I know what I’m fighting for,
Gonna make this division.
I can’t do it alone,
Gonna avoid this collision.

They’re worth more to me than they’re worth to you,
Can’t sell them to the devil and leave what’s left to you.
I used to breathe, ignore all the pain,
But I can’t bare to see you suffering.

I am worn down,
So I will make a sound.
I can’t do this alone,
My heart is set in stone.

Baby, this door’s closed,
Please don’t go.
They lie on the floor, I’m sure.
Baby now I see,
Forgiveness is key,
Baby, now I see.
Please forgive me,
Please don’t leave me.

Wrestling with “Demons” lately

(Just wanna note, I’ve been ironically upbeat during these tapings, I guess because I got all these demons out months ago and am happy!!!)


Draft 3 at
ANOTHER version of Demons, but it holds a special place in my heart…and in my SOUL!!!! Nah, all kidding aside (black, like my soul!), no really, I am happy with this third draft. Working on different interpretations for my latest work in my latest body of work, “Series.” Thoughtsies?

Draft 2 at
My second video of “Demons,” this time with a bit more up-beat melody, and a bit clearer perception on my mind. The end is a bit changed from the lyrics though, of course of course

“Crucial Steps: Recent Work” Exhibit Opening Reception Dec 3rd 2-3pm at PG Plaza Community Ctr

My friends, please join me for the opening reception of my newest exhibit, Crucial Steps: Recent Work at the Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, Saturday December 3rd from 2-3pm.The exhibit is thanks to the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance, that has allowed me a solo wall during their exhibit, RetreatCrucial Steps is a series of four charcoal-pastel-conte-on-intaglio drawings that are a sequel to my Catharis series, which is currently on display at the Gateway Arts Center. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Crucial Steps: Recent Work at PG Plaza Community Center

–> Opening Reception / “Hot Cocoa Artist Talk”

Opening November 17th, visual and performing artist Justin Fair reveals his latest artwork in “Crucial Steps: Recent Work by Justin Fair” at Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, thanks to the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance. Artwork on display will feature paintings, drawings, prints, and performance videos.

Justin will host an Opening Reception aka “Hot Cocoa Artist Talk” on Saturday, December 3rd, from 2-3pm. Please arrive by 2pm! Exhibition runs until December 17th; Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, 6600 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782. For more information, call Justin Fair at (410) 645-0474 or e-mail

“Created in Our Own Way” Opening Reception at @mygatewayarts Center, this Sat 11/12 5:30-8pm. Fall Open Studios Sun 11/13 12-4 upstairs!

My friends, my work is being featured in an exhibit at the Gateway Arts Center! The opening reception is Saturday 11/12 from 5:30-8pm. The following Sunday is the open house from 12-4, please come out if you’re free!


Opening November 12th, Malika Bryant, Justin Fair, and Jeanne Sullivan exhibit their latest work in Created in Our Own Way, a group exhibition in which each artist explores the intrigue their artwork brings to their passions and images of self. Join the artists as they delve into why they create art, question how their work reflects themselves, and invite you to ask the same questions of yourself. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 12th from 5:30pm-8:00pm. RSVP on Facebook!

Located at the Gateway Arts Center on the second floor is the 39th Street Gallery Corridor Exhibition Space. Just head up the sidewalk and follow the red banister. The Exhibition will run until December 17th; Gateway Arts Center, 3901 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood MD, 20722. For more information, call Justin Fair at (410) 645-0474.

The opening reception will take place alongside the 39th Street Gallery’s opening reception of Shape Shifters.

“Catharis” Series (Catharis, Hard Road, Banshee, Folklore, and Roots)

I have completed all five artworks “Catharis” series in my cummulative work “Series“: “Catharsis,” “Hard Road”, “Banshee”, “Folklore”, and “Roots”: Check out these quick-photos on my flickr. These works will be on display at the Gateway Arts Center Corridor Exhibition Space from November 12th to December 17th”

1/5: “Catharsis”:

2/5: “Hard Road”:

3/5: “Banshee”: ”

4/5: “Folklore”:

5/5: “Roots”:

Feels Good to Be Back

After what feels like (and might be) two weeks, I finally got my blog back up and running! Got Soulstrong up too, with it being self-hosted at – Feels good, now I can start blogging again!

I finished two visual works of “Series” since I’ve been gone, and one literary. Will post soon!

Part 1 of “Series”: Love Myself – Performance Piece

Well, since I first started on my poem “Love Myself” when I started Series back in June, I have finished my first video media performance of the series. After many revisions and after a lot of hesitance and patience, I’m proud to present my video media performance piece. I created “Love Myself” to explain that though I am sick, though I may have concerns about my relationships, though I may stress and worry from time to time, I can overcome each of these concerns and more by making myself my priority. In addition, “Love Myself” is a call to action: Not only can I help myself by looking at things differently (and then acting differently than I would have before), but so can you. You have it within you to make change in your life to yourself, you have it within you to sculpt your own destiny, and to enjoy the process that is you.

This performance piece was challenging in multiple stress-inducing and stress-relieving ways. First and foremost, the hardest part for me was conceptualization and editting. I knew from the start I wanted to create a mediatized piece, but I found quickly once I started editting, that the technology I wanted to use I couldn’t get to easily; that the decision-making process of what stays-what goes was tougher than I expected; and, that finding the drive to look at myself and listen to myself over-and-over-and-over was especially draining. Yet, despite these issues, I found pleasure in revisiting my assurance and my endurance. I kept hearing myself say, “I will love myself more” and “I will take a moment more,” and each time, I created fuel and drive. Furthermore, I found a joy in the process: Much like I do with printmaking or threadwork, I enjoyed seeing where things line up and where they intersected. It was like finding candy where you wouldn’t expect it, all of sudden I loved how this sound occurred and I could edit it, I loved how taking different cuts from various sessions could weave together, and most of all I loved how my performance continued to empower me.

When the editor is also the actor is also the writer, judgement can get cloudly on what’s good and what’s convincing and what’s gone, but when the material moves me-myself, I can only be proud of one person: myself. I can only hope I move you too. When I finally got the gusto to perform the piece in front of my camera, I told myself how much I wanted ‘this to go here’ and ‘that should be that way,’ only to find I wasn’t satisfied. Once I pushed past my delusions and enjoyed the fluidity, (and once I got my camera to stop stopping on me prematurely), I got to stand back and see just how much I had committed to each session. Sometimes, I wasn’t there enough; sometimes someone else was; but ultimately, I closed my eyes and jumped, and am proud of what I have with which to work. I should note though, that I also saw a dark side of myself during shooting, not in my performance (I know that side of me), but in my work ethic. Here I was, telling myself that I could do this-I could do this-I can do this, and eventually I had to say ‘I have enough, I need to move on to the next phase, I can’t go back.” That was hard and I had to say to myself, “You’re being lazy, is that all right? You are done with this stage.” Having feedback from family and friends helped greatly, to them I am thankful. In its performance form, “Love Myself” is a product of how much I could work on this piece to keep it growing, and it is my acceptance that it really was the first in a series and now I must grow too.

Creating a series of anything, without a pre-determined form, is freeing for me but also constraining. I know now, that I can fully begin the next poem, the next visual work, and subsequently the next performance; but ultimately, I find myself on a journey of which I cannot leave. It is this committment of which I am proud, for it pushes and pulls at my spirit and my perceptions. Series is a first look at what I can accomplish, with each of its seedlings just sprouting.

I invite you, dear reader, as my friend/family/newcomer, to watch “Love Myself” and let me know of your thoughts and feelings. This video piece is a visitation in many ways, I hope it inspires you to recognize that though life can be hard and it can be dark, there can also be optimism and pragmatism that becomes your light.

-Justin Fair

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Watch “Love Myself” on Youtube:

Justin Orlando Fair
“Love Myself”
September-October 2011