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“Sacred Reflections” at the David C. Driskell Center, July-August 2011 – Symposium/Reception 7/13 4-8pm

I am excited to share news of a great exhibit opening tomorrow at the University of Maryland’s David C. Driskell Center called Sacred Reflections. I submitted my work to this exhibition and though I didn’t make it in, a few artists I know will be exhibiting their work (including Alonzo Davis, Cheryl Edwards, Monna Kaupinnen, and Alec Simpson, just to name a few…).

The exhibit symposium and reception will take place on Wednesday, July 13th from 4-8pm!The Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council presents an art exhibition and symposium inspired by religious and spiritual traditions of the African-American community in Prince George’s County and the African Diaspora.

Please let me know if you can come too! It’d be great to have some company with me! (more…)

The Amazing Women of Batala DC at Afro-Brazilian Fest

So I dug around on my camera and found some video and photos I took of the Amazing Women of Batala All Women Percussion Band at the Afro-Brazilian Festival at a culinary-drum-dance event @ the Josephine Butler House on Meridian Hill! Here are a few some photos and videos! It’s great to see these consecutively because the blurry-motion tells of how much excitement and joy there was in the performers and audience’s movements! See more on!


  • See my first blog post (“Finding/Creating a Great Cultural Experience”) talking about the Afro-Brazilian Festival here (it’s very short)
  • Find out about the Afro-Brazilian Festival here
  • Find out about Batala here! You can also check out Batala’s youtube channel here!



*More photos on flickr!


Here are some (corrected) tweets @soulstrongarts from my time there, not that they’re philosophical or anything:

Drum on Batala drum on!!! @ the Afro Brazil Festival culinary-drum-dance event @ the Josephine Butler House off Meridian Hill! So much joy!!!
10 Jun 

Watching these women have such a fun time playing great melodies is truly 1 of life's gifts! Explore art, have fun! Im @ the AfroBrazil fest!
10 Jun

At the Afro Brazil Festival culinary event @ the Josephine Baker House. I haven't done AfroBrazilian dance in yrs! #arts #music #brazil
10 Jun

Cool Chairs

Not only have I just uploaded photos for but also here are some cool chairs!!!

Found this at the lobby of Joe’s Movement Emporium, Mt. Rainier, MD

Found this at the lobby of Joe’s Movement Emporium, Mt. Rainier, MD

Found this at the Center for Green Urbanism, chair reupholstered to the design of Sherry Burton Ways

Found this one at the M-NCPPC lecture hall, Riverdale, MD

Cool Chairs

Cool Chairs

Photos from my travels through Mt Rainier

Here are some photos of my travels through Mt. Rainier from weeks ago. Enjoy! I definitely want to go back to the Sweet & Natural Restaurant, and check out Joe’s Movement Emporium. More photos on flickr!

The Lobby at Joe’s Movement Emporium

“Mujeres” at Joe’s Movement Emporium

At Sweet & Natural Restaurant, 100% Vegan!

The flower shop across the street, Oscars Flowers

Mount Rainier, MD

Photos from “Art, Coffee, & Conversation” as part of “Mama Earth” at The Center for Green Urbanism

I just found, edited, and uploaded photos from “Art, Coffee, & Conversation” as part of “Mama Earth” at The Center for Green Urbanism! Please see all of them on flickr! You can check out previous posts on “Mama Earth” from my blog here.

Here are a few of my favorites below.


This Tuesday, 5/14: “Hand to Mouth” by African-American Collective Theater at Zora Neale Hurston Stage @ The Bonifant Theatre Space, part of DCBTF

Please come out to Hand to Mouth by Alan Sharpe this Tuesday, May 14th, at Warehouse Theatre! I performed with Alan a few weeks ago on Damage Control at Warehouse Theatre, and look forward to seeing this production at Zora Neale Hurston Stage @ The Bonifant Theatre Space! Alan’s works are stimulating and intriguing, both for their plot content and the ingenious skill he brings to each production! I know tomorrow I’ll be rolling on the floor laughing, hopefully feeling a bit delicious guilty and a bit thankful to be in the presence of such genius! More information below: (more…)

Artspring’s new digs on Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring


So…I’m at the Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring, and found out Artspring Pyramid Atlantic Community Art Store has moved to a terrific space off Ellsworth Drive above the Splash Park. This new space is colorful, big, and relaxing. There’s an energy to explore and also little spaces to chill and just be with the arts and crafts. All of the work here is made in the US, most of which is local. A LOT of the artists here merge decorative crafts with fine art. It’s gorgeous. A nifty add about the new space is a gallery/multi-use space in the back; an easy spot for a food event, a knitting club, or something of that kind. I’m definitely coming back here, hopefully next week! Spread the love!

See my first post on Artspring here.