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Press: Gateway Arts District Pumps Up Internet Efforts

New site to collect coverage of Route 1 corridor.

By Michael Theis (view article online on Patch)

The Gateway Arts District has launched a new blog to highlight news and social media coverage of life along Maryland’s southern Route 1 corridor. It’s the latest in a series of steps taken by the Gateway Arts District and the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation to improve their footing in the digital realm. The new Route 1 news aggregator, dubbed the Gateway Arts District Reading Room, will collect posts from a variety of local media outlets in one location for convenient access. It’s currently in a beta-launch right now, using a WordPress domain, according to Justin Fair, economic development coordinator at Hyattsville CDC and the content manager for But before long, the site will be incorporated under the domain.

Tips on how to measure art for a wall

Measure the full w&h of ur wall. Then, from the flr measure 2 the ctr line of the height.

Then measure ur ctr pic’s slot on its back to the ctr line of the wall. put it up on the wall & do the same 4 each

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