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“Off The Rails” Thesis Exhibition at MICA Brown Building Gallery

Remy Peritz’s “Current Debates” as part of MICA’s MA in Social Design Thesis Exhibition in the Pinkard Gallery in the Bunting Center

My favorite piece I’ve found as part of the Master of Arts in Social Design Thesis Exhibition is Remy Peritz‘s “Current Debates.” He asks various questions, looking for democratic responses studying social media’s worth…explaining a work in progress in which he researches how social design grows, it seems. Aside from the gallery installation, he has an online survey at I’ll definitely be taking it!

    1. Julie Sayo
    2. Remy Peritz
    3. Jennifer Coster, MICA
    4. Carly Witmer, MICA
    5. Amalie Rothschild

Julie Sayo’s “Asthma & Design” as part of MICA’s MA in Social Design Thesis Exhibition in the Pinkard Gallery in the Bunting Center

Remy Peritz, MICA

Jennifer Coster, MICA

Carly Witmer, MICA

Amalie Rothschild, MICA

Happening Now: “Copyright for Artists – Presented by Stephen Slusher” Workshop at the Brentwood Arts Exchange in the #GatewayArts Center


I’m very appreciative to attend this workshop at the Brentwood Arts Exchange, which is one of several workshops in this series. Hope to share some findings later on today!

For more information, visit

Copyright for Artists – Presented by Stephen Slusher

Your art is unique and creative and your own. Learn how to ensure that it stays that way by attending a workshop on artists’ copyright issues.

The Brentwood Arts Exchange in partnership with the Gateway CDC presents a series of 5 professional development workshops for visual artists. Topics include tips on marketing art work, navigating copyright issues, pricing, and improving your portfolio presentations. All workshops are free and open to the public.

Presented in partnership with the Gateway CDC and the Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council.

Jenny Sidhu Mullins Creates Work for the Art on the Art Bus @Artisphere

On route to Artisphere to see the Frida Kahlo Photographs exhibition, I discovered the intriguing work of Jenny Sidhu Mullins, the Artist In Residence for the Art Bus Project. The second Art Bus artist I’ve met (Victor Epkuk months ago), Mullins exhibits paintings, drawings, and has an electronic “Future Life Animal” machine on exhibition, called The New American Reincarnation Machine. Accompanied with multimedia drawings and paintings, today is her second day in studio, and already she has begun to capture the space and brainstorm ideas.


She describes the Art Bus Project as a great space to bring art to the people, as folks may be hesistant to come to galleries. Her work rings well with me, discussing themes like American spirituality and national identity: karma, mourning, our relation to animals, and how we play with these themes. Jenny is a delight to speak with, eager to engage with the public as they become entranced on route to the Kahlo exhibition.




When I ask how she describes her latest piece, she responds that the has begun the piece as a “Playful, colorful work that uses animals [to] talk about consumerism. There are some serious issues…to focus to over-consumption…every holiday, every social event is related to consumerism. Hopefully the public will be seduced by [my art]’s aesthetic qualities.” She continues, “I’m interested in creating work that has a sophisticated level of rendering. I feel like it creates a way to enter into the piece. I’d like to get [the public] to think about consumerism and get them to think about it in. their own lives.”


In residence until April 15th, I invite you to join me in visiting as Jenny Sidhu Mullin’s work grows. Her studio is at the Arlington Arts Center, only two miles or so away, and you can view more of her work online at She is in residency at the Works-In-Progress Gallery Wednesdays-Fridays 4-7:30. Visit for more information.