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West Hyattsville Metro community mural painted

Mama, look we on TV! #BurstingOnTheScene #Hyattsville

HYATTSVILLE, MD — Residents of Hyattsville came together on Saturday afternoon to paint a community mural at the West Hyattsville Metro station.

The event, called “Bursting on the Scene”, had over 35 people help paint two murals onto the walls of an underpass leading into the station.

The designs were created by local artist Henry Portillo. He said he grew up not too far from the station and the designs were based off of the sunsets of his childhood when his mom would tel him to come inside.

“And besides that, it’s just mainly to give sort of like a vibrance. I wanted to show movement in a still image so everything that’s in it, it’s pointed with arrows, it’s a big arrow at the end that’s going to symbolize a person. Sort of like walking through their day, filled with geometric shapes around you,” added Portillo.

Organizers said these murals were the first decorative improvements to the station since it opened in 1993.

Tanglewood Works pops up in Arts District for the holidays


Tanglewood Works pops up in Arts District for the holidays

Hyattsville Life & Times – 11/10/16 by Brianna Rhodes

ustin Fair, the Economic Development Coordinator for Hyattsville Community Development Corp, said he believes that the Tanglewood Works pop-up shop has a lot to offer to the Arts District and the city of Hyattsville.

She [Sue] has been active in the Arts District, engaging in helping peoples homes and providing a stable business resource for the community and driving a real stable example of delivering artisan works to residents and to area stakeholders in a way that because she works in retail is a very welcome creative force for the city, Fair said.

She is choosing to locate on that corridor in a space that is heavily trafficked across from Franklins to the post office to Pyramid Atlantic. Shes recognizing the opportunity for an eye-catching appeal. Its a very notable corner and I think that you cant just have anyone there, Fair said. It requires something innovative and I think that its great that she is doing this for the holiday season.

Press: Health Center Article

Justin Fair

Justin Fair, a senior from Woodlawn, stops to make a call outside the University of Maryland Health Center, where he visited because he has bronchitis.

Justin Fair, a senior from Woodlawn, stops to make a call outside the University of Maryland Health Center, where he visited because he has bronchitis. Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna

Justin Fair, a 21-year-old senior from Woodlawn, said the masks are necessary and he thinks the university is doing a good job helping people stay healthy.

Press: LGBT Equity Promo for Rainbow Report 9/2013


LGBT Equity Center – University of Maryland – 2218 Marie Mount Hall

University of Maryland, College Park Please don’t forget to “like” and “follow” us: Facebook- o 11:30am to 1pm, 2218 Marie Mount Hall . Bring your lunch; we’ll bring the conversation and fun! This week’s lunch will be an informal discussion about LGBTQ international human rights movements.

Spirituality through the Context of Sexuality: Gay? Lesbian? Straight? Other? None of these means your spiritual self stops existing or has to go lacking. If anything, your spiritual connection can be challenged and empowered. Explore/study the origins and approaches faced by individuals searching for and building their spiritual self-realization, in the context of being gay/lesbian. Lead by Rabbi Martin Siegel, the class will address…

Press: Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival on Let's Talk Live

By Courtney Gwynn (View full article online on WJLA NewsChannel 8)

This Saturday, arts and crafts, live performers, and tasty local food will be in one place. It’s all for the Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival. Justin Fair, the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation Economic Development Coordinator was joined by Charles Reiher and Monna Kauppinen, two of the artists from the event, to tell us more about the festival.

Press: Gateway Arts District Pumps Up Internet Efforts

New site to collect coverage of Route 1 corridor.

By Michael Theis (view article online on Patch)

The Gateway Arts District has launched a new blog to highlight news and social media coverage of life along Maryland’s southern Route 1 corridor. It’s the latest in a series of steps taken by the Gateway Arts District and the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation to improve their footing in the digital realm. The new Route 1 news aggregator, dubbed the Gateway Arts District Reading Room, will collect posts from a variety of local media outlets in one location for convenient access. It’s currently in a beta-launch right now, using a WordPress domain, according to Justin Fair, economic development coordinator at Hyattsville CDC and the content manager for But before long, the site will be incorporated under the domain.

An Interview with Justin Fair on

Our own Justin Fair has been featured with an interview as the February Artist of the Week with Art 4 the Masses! Art 4 the Masses is a great space to buy students’ artwork online. Affordable AND local!!!

Congratulations Justin! We’re so proud of you! Keep up the FANTASTIC work! Check out Justin’s arts blog at

Check out the interview below from Youtube: