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Historians react to Trump’s Civil War comments: ‘That’s entirely wrong in every respect’

“Jackson had a big heart for white farmers,” said Hemmer, “Less so for the American Indians he slaughtered and the African-Americans he enslaved. Given Trump’s own focus on white Americans over nonwhite Americans, it’s not surprising that he would fail to see the limits of Jackson’s big-heartedness.”
-Eric Rauchway

seriously, the guy has a point

Tavi, things I did not know. If only Fearless Girl was a guerilla act I’d be all for it, but to learn they put it up without the Raging Bull artist’s go-ahead? That’s a no-go in the art work. Disrespectful. Appropriation.

“In effect, Fearless Girl has appropriated the strength and power of Charging Bull. Of course Di Modica is outraged by that. A global investment firm has used a global advertising firm to create a faux work of guerrilla art to subvert and change the meaning of his actual work of guerrilla art. That would piss off any artist.”

“And yet, there she is, the Fearless Girl. I love the little statue of the girl in the Peter Pan pose. And I resent that she’s a marketing tool. I love that she actually IS inspiring to young women and girls. And I resent that she’s a fraud. I love that she exists. And I resent the reasons she was created.”