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RT @PopChassid: If Trump had declared a fake national emergency shortly after being inaugurated, it would have been a scandal. The streets would be full of protestors. It would be all we talked about. Now, we react, but we also shrug. Just another day. That’s the danger of authoritarianism.

Jewish women of color! [The Kojo Nnamdi Show] How Local Organizers Feel About This Year’s Women’s March via @PodcastAddict

RT @SenWarren: Mary Hamilton successfully fought a court system that denied Black Americans the dignity of being called Mr. or Miss. Her heroic actions advanced equality for all Americans. #BlackHistoryMonth

“Report shows investment in Baltimore African-American neighborhoods hasn’t overcome racist policies of past” @baltimoresun ft. @urbaninstitute @mdconsumers @mayorpugh50 @prezjackyoung @bmoredoc