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RT @JeffreyGuterman: The Wounded Knee Massacre occurred on this date December 29 in 1890, near Wounded Knee Creek on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Between 150-300 men, women, and children of the Lakota were killed. Photo credit: Northwestern Photo Co.

RT @SimonMoyaSmith: On this day 128 years ago, the United States, with rifles and pistols and a rapid-fire Gatling gun, murdered an estimated 300 Lakota, mostly unarmed women and children. Soon after the carnage, 20 white men were awarded the Medal of Honor. Those medals have yet to be rescinded.

RT @BetoORourke: It should tell us something about her home country that a mother is willing to travel 2,000 miles with her 4-month old son to come here. How we respond when she arrives tells us something about ours.

Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Should Be Illegal – The Atlantic

“We need a national truce, both within states and between states,” said Amy Liu, the director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. “There should be no more poaching of private companies with public funds.” But how would the United States ban states and local governments from poaching jobs from one another, or from giving tax dollars to private corporations?

Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Isn’t Just Shameful-It Should Be Illegal

Was this national auction nothing more than a scripted drama to raise the value of the inevitable winning bid? And did the retailer miss an opportunity to revitalize a midwestern city by choosing to enrich the already-rich East Coast? All good questions. But here’s the big one: Why the hell are U.S.

RT @26_NFulton: On this Veteran’s Day we pray for those who have served our nation to protect our freedom –for the hardships they faced and the sacrifices they made. We pray that these men and women of honor and valor are blessed by You, Lord with peace, love and comfort in their hearts. Amen.