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Thoughts on Paul Ryan’s Plan

After reading TIME’s article by Michael Crowley and Jay Newton-Small, who explain things to the point I can understand the gist of things on Paul Ryan’s plan to curb federal spending; as well as reading a quick blog article on; I realize that while I like the way Paul Ryan looks and his gutsy back-it-up-do-the-work approach, I don’t like his plan’s gist.

As George Lakoff says in the book I’m reading, The Political Mind, conservatives find strength in obedience to the government when they benefit financially; but, then say the government’s control over their lives gets in the way of free-markets and the natural way of things. They support government being in bed with business when profits are up because the government lets it be so, but then when the cost for profits being up leads to debt-debt-debt or money going to moral causes at the expense of making more money immediately, government sucks. Paul Ryan’s article has its ups but also its downs: Tax cuts for the rich, suck it to the seniors and children (as Nancy Pelosi puts it). Risky business. As Lakoff would point out, if you privatize healthcare and keep treating it like insurance, instead of an necessary protection for all people like police and fire protection, food safety, etc., it’s on everyman to help himself (if he can). Oy vay. As Fareed Zakaria says in his response article, “Ryan’s plan is deeply flawed, but it is courageous…And it is an odd proposal from a man who seems genuinely committed to a comprehensive solution to the U.S.’s fiscal crisis.” Furthermore, he backs of Lakoff’s lead that the everyman won’t be able to afford private insurance. Hell, even now not everyone can afford healthcare. I suppose the argument is the market will lead prices down and maybe more people will be able to afford it. Still, aren’t we missing the equality-for-all opportunity? At what expense?

Let’s see how this unfolds. At least someone’s making headlines with a plan at all, gotta applaud that…