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RT @kdreamcatchers: Rosa Parks was not protesting the bus. Gandhi was not protesting the food. The colonists were not protesting tea. Players are not protesting the flag or the anthem. They are protesting injustice.

RT @innesmck: the big thing to take away from the right freaking out after Sarah Sanders was ejected from a restaurant is that doing so was very effective please continue to make it hard to be a fascist in every day life xoxo

RT @DrIbram: They say America used to engage in civil politics of change. I’m searching in the index of US history and there’s no listing for civil politics. But there are many listings of the privileged telling the oppressed to suffer cheerfully and calling them uncivil when they don’t.

RT @KaivanShroff: FLASHBACK: “I don’t want to rip families apart. I don’t want to send parents away from children.” — @HillaryClinton stands up for immigrant children and predicts how evil Trump’s immigration policy would be.