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A silent protest parade in 1917 set the stage for civil rights marches

Earlier that year… “East St. Louis was an American pogrom. The fearless African-American anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells traveled to the still smoldering city on July 4 and collected firsthand accounts of the aftermath. She described the incident as an “awful orgy of human butchery.””

RT @CarolSOtt: Interesting article about Philly’s rent affordability problem — it parallels what’s going on in Baltimore.

RT @CountyExecBaker: This @washingtonpost editorial is a must read… “What could be more foolhardy than undercutting the @FBI?”

Viral anger spreads like a disease — and it’s making the country sick

“No wonder it feels as if the nation is a little sick. It’s as if we all have a virus and some of us are more vulnerable to it than others. That is in fact how some social scientists are describing the spread of rage and division. Violence and violent speech meet the criteria ofdisease, says Dr. Gary Slutkin, founder of Cure Violence. Like a virus, violence makes more of itself. Rage begets more rage. And it spreads because
we humans are wired to follow our peers.”

“Viral anger spreads like a disease — and it’s making the country sick” by Susana Schrobsdorff in TIME