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Eh, what’s new. I don’t need the actor to be the correct ethnicity, culture, religion. I just need the script to actually recognize the character’s actual ethnicity, culture, religion!

#RBG “First of all, the irony of altering the appearance of a historic figure…to make her more conventionally attractive in a movie about her combating sexual discrimination… 2nd: representation is important” -@Hey_Alma


I am active in my community on three fronts: volunteering, financial donations, and employed engagement. I give yearly or monthly to the following organizations. They typically fit into these categories: city and regional planning, Judaism, African-American studies, the arts and humanities, and health and wellness. For an additional list of companies, influencers and associations that grab my interest, browse my Twitter Lists.


Organization Role Type
Morgan Association of Planning Students President City And Regional Planning
Hyattsville Community Development Corporation Economic Development Coordinator City And Regional Planning
Gateway Arts District of Prince George’s County Hyattsville CDC Economic Development Coordinator The Arts And Humanities
Beth Am Synagogue Member Judaism
Radiotopia PRX Member The Arts And Humanities
Maryland Alumni Association Member Judaism
Americans for the Arts Member The Arts And Humanities
Baltimore Heritage Member City And Regional Planning
Catonsville Rails to Trails Member Health And Wellness
Emerging Arts Leaders of DC EALDC Member The Arts And Humanities
Historic Upton Planning Committee  Member City And Regional Planning
Jewish Museum of Maryland Member Judaism
Jews United for Justice Member Judaism
Repair the World Member Judaism
Southwest Partnership Member City And Regional Planning
WYPR Member The Arts And Humanities


Memberships 2018.xlsx

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