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Public Transit: Somethings are just that simple

Do you think about how to get from A to B on the bus often? What about when going somewhere new and unknown. Do you think about changing transit in your area? I can tell you, luckily I can use public transit daily and so studying where I walk and how I see where I am really matters. I spent my breaktime today looking at the Mount RainierMixed Use Town Center and Takoma-Langley Crossroads Sector plans. After a short walk into Mount Rainier to catch the bus on Rhode Island I’m reminded that envisioning means practical inspiration. And, upon getting on the bus I saw this clever Metro notice.

Just yesterday I was looking at how public advertising has evolved, and low and behold, some things are just that true and honest. Often-buses on weekends are gifts. Especially when someone looks into being clever. Simply put, you too U2! Reading planning docs is great because people think of the simplest ways to include everyone and that has the potential to be beautiful, great design! You’re next Mount Rainier!

The ‘Facebook Effect’

Remember that drug commercial with that woman smashing the egg? This is you…this is you on Facebook! This is what Facebook does to your family, your friends, your life!!!!

Or rather, here’s how Facebook can influence peoples’ self-esteem and social drives, from