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Public Transit: Somethings are just that simple

Do you think about how to get from A to B on the bus often? What about when going somewhere new and unknown. Do you think about changing transit in your area? I can tell you, luckily I can use public transit daily and so studying where I walk and how I see where I am really matters. I spent my breaktime today looking at the Mount Rainier Mixed Use Town Center and Takoma-Langley Crossroads Sector plans. After a short walk into Mount Rainier to catch the bus on Rhode Island I’m reminded that envisioning means practical inspiration. And, upon getting on the bus I saw this clever Metro notice.

Just yesterday I was looking at how public advertising has evolved, and low and behold, some things are just that true and honest. Often-buses on weekends are gifts. Especially when someone looks into being clever. Simply put, you too U2! Reading planning docs is great because people think of the simplest ways to include everyone and that has the potential to be beautiful, great design! You’re next Mount Rainier!

The ‘Facebook Effect’

Remember that drug commercial with that woman smashing the egg? This is you…this is you on Facebook! This is what Facebook does to your family, your friends, your life!!!!

Or rather, here’s how Facebook can influence peoples’ self-esteem and social drives, from

How To Control Your “Check-In” Addiction :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

Link: How To Control Your “Check-In” Addiction :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

Stay in touch with your mind/body/spirit by recognizing the ills of technology (and the strengths that come with living peacefully with tech!)

Have you ever been caught sleeping with your mobile device? Perhaps checking your email first-thing in the morning when you’re still in bed? Given what we know about the emotional voids that are fulfilled by our electronic devices – the search for thrill, the alleviation of anxiety and panic – our intense attachment makes sense. When we wake up we want to be greeted. When we fall asleep we want to do so knowing that all is well. The mobile phone has become the security blanket of the 21st century.

Twitter’s Usefulness

For a while now, there’s been a growing question on my mind as I work on my new arts blog, Soulstrong Arts @thesoulstrong as to the usefulness of Twitter. Maintaining not only my personal account, but also the Riggio Design account @riggiodc, and now my new Soulstrong Arts account, means a lot of people finding one another and exploring new ideas. How can I effectively contact people and help people find what I’m writing about?

If you’re wondering what Twitter’s purpose is, it’s a quick way for anyone to share a sentence or two about something they’re thinking about or caring about. In 140 characters, it’s a mini-blog = known as ‘microblogging’.

I recently came along a great article on that helps businesses recognize how to use Twitter efficiently to better reach their customers/friends. This article will help me designate how to utilize Twitter without wasting time so that I can improve outreach to art-lovers across and outside of the District. Rather than tell you about the article in depth, visit and feel free to learn: 8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get More Out of Twitter.

My favorite points here are:

1. It’s A Social Tool – Remember, Twitter isn’t just about promoting the business, it’s about talking with people and actively following up. That means finding conversation points and using Twitter to share event info and nifty ideas for self-development and community growth.

3. Engage With Your Followers – That said, recognize that if you’re using Twitter for a business, like I am with @thesoulstrong, find conversation points that relate to your business’s field and as it says in the article, become “followers” of peoples’ lives. There’s nothing better than sharing a story or an idea and having it influence someone’s life miles upon miles away!

4. Autoresponder – It’s easy and commonsense that if people follow you, let them know how to better find your product and thank them for doing so!

8. Twitter Etiquette – It’s quality over quantity. Something I see regularly on Twitter are people with a bagillion followers but if I look, there seems to be no connection or even relevance in their posts. The keywords from this part of the article are: “Listen, be relevant, mind your brand, engage, and give more than you get.” What great advice!

Discuss! And if you care to learn more about how social media can equal social good, $$$, and the growth of ideas and communication, regularly check out (amongst other mashable categories)! 🙂


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Article by Justin Fair. Justin is Gallery Business Manager at Riggio Design in Hyattsville, MD and an Administrative Assistant at the Gateway Arts Center in Brentwood, MD. He is a graphic designer and painter at Soulstrong Designs and owner and editor of Soulstrong Arts Blog at Justin can be reached at

Thoughts on: “75+ Ways to Do Good With Social Media”

Link: Thoughts on: “75+ Ways to Do Good With Social Media”

I found “75+ Ways to Do Good With Social Media” on at


While still reading through this list (which means I MUST click each link so I can find out more) I am very pleased to see how others are realizing how social media must complement real life, not substitute it, in order for it to truly help others. Social media isn’t just about marketing products, it’s about sharing things with people, and understanding how the two can connect. What’s neat about this list is that each item leads to a list of other items in that theme, so you can virtually explore anything anywhere.


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