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RT @MtAuburnBmore: This acct will share updates for cultural + ecological restoration work being done by many partners with Sharp St Church. Browse the bibliography and photos at Curated by @soulstrong

Photos from Mt Auburn Cemetery, Westport, Baltimore, MD

Here are select photos shared on via the Bibliography tool on AirTable. Even more photos are on our shared team Google Drive. Please email me to access:

Bibliography – Public Photo Gallery Link

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Photos from Mt Auburn Cemetery, Westport, Baltimore, MD @ Mount Auburn Cemetery (Baltimore, Maryland)

— Justin Fair (@Soulstrong) July 14, 2019

RT @SoBoKevin: SBGP is also working on “Transformational Projects.” One is a plan to turn the Middle Branch into a 11-mile park system in South Baltimore. A design competition is underway, a design plan will follow. Smaller improvements are already underway.

RT @maptimebmore: MaptimeBmore members @Soulstrong, Dewey Stepleton, and others have been killing it digitizing 1896 streetcar maps of Baltimore, next stop pg_routing!, good work mappers!

Middle Branch Park Planning

Did you see the three finalist presentations on developing the actual waterfront? They are AWESOME. Real world, y’all.

Also, I just wanted to update you from the hell that was Studio II.
This summer, I’ll be a fellow with the Westport Community Economic Development Corporation, learning more about land trusts while offering my web design services and non-profit services helping them with their visioning and whatnot. (Lisa Hodges-Hiken is their Exec. Director; she taught my real estate development class!)

This Fall for my second independent study, I’ll be digging into the GIS project with Westport’s Mount Auburn Cemetery, creating a geodatabase and assembling an online archive for a ‘digital museum’ website, to boost it into a proper memorial park with ecological restoration at the forefront (As a followup to our Fall 2018 Studio II work). 

During our last studio, we encouraged the cemetery leadership to adapt the grounds maintenance plans to a wider strategic goal to allow the cemetery to be open to the public (in moderation, over time) to better orient with pedestrian and vehicle connectivity to the Middle Branch and the Gwynns Falls. 

This Fall, I’ll be better crafting the how-to element as we are aware of the upcoming Middle Branch Waterfront work, the Green Network Plan, the Rails to Trails goal of a full City loop, and the Port Covington-Westport Waterfront work.

Hope you’re having an excellent summer.

Middle Branch Bike Lanes

Some quick screenshots from the 2015 master bike plan… food for thought; and some screenshots from my Studio class project connecting the Mt Auburn Cemetery to a wider trail network.

Studio II Project (I’m actually working on the Cemetery stuff this Fall):
Paths + Trails, envisioning with cemetery in red:

With Bus stops:

With cemetery components fleshed out:

On Waterview Ave, an Open Air Greeting Plaza (concept rendering schematic credit Justin Fair; found photograph):

With Bike Lanes illustrated:

Why Old American Cemeteries Are Showcasing New Art – CityLab

Why Historic Cemeteries Are Embracing Contemporary Art

In 2002, artist Patricia Cronin purchased a burial plot in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx and installed a three-ton Carrara marble sculpture of her and her then-partner, fellow artist Deborah Kass, in bed. Eyes closed, hair flowing together, they are depicted in a moment of quiet bliss.