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Could A Tiny Mobile Studio Solve Your Housing Crisis?


For decades, architects have worked to turn shipping containers into homes and mock up cities that are plug and play. Now a startup in Texas is building a luxury studio that would travel when you do.

Reston, Va. And The Legacy Of The Planned Suburb – The Kojo Nnamdi Show

I live in Columbia in Oakland Mills right beside the Town Center, I’ve visited Reston’s Town Center, and I work in Hyattsville where the Route 1 Corridor and the Prince George’s Plaza area is being redeveloped. Exciting stuff!

Robert Simon left behind a legacy in Reston, Va., that continues to influence how neighborhoods are conceived and developed.

Source: Reston, Va. And The Legacy Of The Planned Suburb – The Kojo Nnamdi Show

National Building Museum: House & Home


The National Building Museum presents House & Home, a kaleidoscopic array of photographs, objects, models, and films that takes us on a tour of houses both familiar and surprising, through past and present, challenging our ideas about what it means to be at home in America. Remarkable transformations in technology, laws, and consumer culture have brought about enormous change in American domestic life. The breathtaking variety of stories about the American home will surprise, teach, and entertain.

Maglev venture opens Baltimore office – Baltimore Sun

“The mayor is certainly supportive of the concept of maglev,” said spokesman Howard Libit. He said Rawlings-Blake recognizes that such a rail line could connect the city to important economic development opportunities.

Don Fry, president of the Greater Baltimore Committee and a longtime maglev booster, is among those scheduled to attend. He said Northeast Maglev’s decision to open a Baltimore office is “a very important sign.”

“They have been very deliberate in their actions but have also shown a strong commitment to move this project forward,” he said.

Fry said he’s more optimistic about this version of maglev than those of the past.

“The fact you have the Japanese government ready to make a significant investment certainly has changed the dynamics of that discussion,” he said.

Disadvantaged neighborhoods amplify economic inequality @pbsnewshour

Watch “From Wireless Tech to Superpowers | Fadel Adib | TEDxAmherst” on YouTube

From Wireless Tech to Superpowers | Fadel Adib | TEDxAmherst

Ever wished you could see through walls? So did Fadel Adib, a Ph.D. Candidate at MIT whose work in wireless signals could change how you see the world, literally. Fadel Adib is a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT.

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<3 Paddington – Hard Stare

Paddington – Hard Stare

Paddington giving dat hard stare. You know. That look you give somebody when they are saying something so ridiculous it’s actually offensive. I DO NOT OWN THIS CONTENT: Visit

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