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National Building Museum: House & Home


The National Building Museum presents House & Home, a kaleidoscopic array of photographs, objects, models, and films that takes us on a tour of houses both familiar and surprising, through past and present, challenging our ideas about what it means to be at home in America. Remarkable transformations in technology, laws, and consumer culture have brought about enormous change in American domestic life. The breathtaking variety of stories about the American home will surprise, teach, and entertain.

Disadvantaged neighborhoods amplify economic inequality @pbsnewshour

Watch “From Wireless Tech to Superpowers | Fadel Adib | TEDxAmherst” on YouTube

From Wireless Tech to Superpowers | Fadel Adib | TEDxAmherst

Ever wished you could see through walls? So did Fadel Adib, a Ph.D. Candidate at MIT whose work in wireless signals could change how you see the world, literally. Fadel Adib is a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT.

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<3 Paddington – Hard Stare

Paddington – Hard Stare

Paddington giving dat hard stare. You know. That look you give somebody when they are saying something so ridiculous it’s actually offensive. I DO NOT OWN THIS CONTENT: Visit

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Millennials in Downtowns

Survey: More Millennials Renting, But Just As Many Want To Own

“Some experts contend that the focus should be on the type of developments young Americans want to live in rather than whether they’re in downtowns, close-in neighborhoods or suburbs; definitions of which can vary greatly. Christopher Leinberger, a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said 13% of millennials living in downtowns is a much higher rate than for previous generations. Even so, älmost of them live downtown-adjacent or in urbanized suburbs,” said Mr. Leinberger, also a professor of real estate and urban analysis at George Washington University. They’re in high-density, walkable urban places. It is immaterial as to whether it is downtown, downtown-adjacent or suburban town center. Rather than city versus suburb, it’s walkable urban versus drivable suburban.”

WATCH pretty pictures of alternative living spaces. This mom rocks.

WATCH pretty pictures of alternative living spaces. This mom rocks. Spaghetti western on lean urbanism via @YouTube

Justin Fair on Twitter

WATCH pretty pictures of alternative living spaces. This mom rocks. Spaghetti western on lean urbanism via @YouTube

RT @jimjchandler: Paid internship opportunity available with the City of Hyattsville #urbanplanning #communitydevelopment #economicdev…http…

RT @NEAarts: How does in-school arts education affect student creativity and academics? Find out in today’s #NEATaskForce webinar.

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Urban Planning and residence thoughts

I sit at Tastee Diner in Silver Spring, Which I’ve known exists but stupidly did not visit when I lived within walking distance. Regrets! Today I drove to see Jacob after picking up Ashley from her place then off to Owings Mills and back again. On route we visited Maple Lawn in Fulton, a urban style suburb with large homes and rowhomes and townhouses and probably some condos. Here’s my thoughts:



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Revitalizing Columbia

imageWhile at Columbia Town Ctr, I came across this neat wall poster–advocating different neighbors with new technologies and implementations for a growing suburban area. At the bottom in small font is, which tells me this poster (without reading material nearby) is just a neat way of saying ‘stuff’s planned (and happening!)’ I’ll have to check out their website and see if they’re truly informing (and interacting for feedback) with their citizens.