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Millennials in Downtowns

Survey: More Millennials Renting, But Just As Many Want To Own

“Some experts contend that the focus should be on the type of developments young Americans want to live in rather than whether they’re in downtowns, close-in neighborhoods or suburbs; definitions of which can vary greatly. Christopher Leinberger, a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said 13% of millennials living in downtowns is a much higher rate than for previous generations. Even so, älmost of them live downtown-adjacent or in urbanized suburbs,” said Mr. Leinberger, also a professor of real estate and urban analysis at George Washington University. They’re in high-density, walkable urban places. It is immaterial as to whether it is downtown, downtown-adjacent or suburban town center. Rather than city versus suburb, it’s walkable urban versus drivable suburban.”

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RT @NEAarts: How does in-school arts education affect student creativity and academics? Find out in today’s #NEATaskForce webinar.

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Urban Planning and residence thoughts

I sit at Tastee Diner in Silver Spring, Which I’ve known exists but stupidly did not visit when I lived within walking distance. Regrets! Today I drove to see Jacob after picking up Ashley from her place then off to Owings Mills and back again. On route we visited Maple Lawn in Fulton, a urban style suburb with large homes and rowhomes and townhouses and probably some condos. Here’s my thoughts:



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Revitalizing Columbia

imageWhile at Columbia Town Ctr, I came across this neat wall poster–advocating different neighbors with new technologies and implementations for a growing suburban area. At the bottom in small font is, which tells me this poster (without reading material nearby) is just a neat way of saying ‘stuff’s planned (and happening!)’ I’ll have to check out their website and see if they’re truly informing (and interacting for feedback) with their citizens.

Happening Now: A More Sustainable DC #sustainabledc

imageI’m currently at the National Building Museum, waiting for Jan Gehl’s lecture to begin. The subject: How to make DC a more sustainable city–how to revitalize the nation’s capital. Oh boy! Reminds me of planning class, can’t wait for it to start.

Follow my tweets on twitter at #sustainabledc! If I’m not too entranced I’ll be jotting down quotes and thoughts. Some photos of the beautiful lobby are below. Once again, thanks to Metrocentric for posting about this event! I’m glad I re-blogged days ago!

The National Building Museum will be hosting a very interesting lecture by Danish architect Jan Gehl focused on how Washington, D.C. can become a more sustainable and human-scaled city. In this original presentation, he will examine how DC can help transform the historic L’Enfant plan to create more successful urban spaces while encouraging more walking and biking and less driving.


Opening Reception: Mama Earth at the Center for Green Urbanism, THIS Friday, April 8th 6:30pm-8:30pm

I’m debating if I can go to this amazing exhibit’s opening reception this Friday! I went to and blogged about the Center for Green Urbanism for their film showing and panel discussion of “Who Does She Think She Is” during their Her Story 6 exhibit. Sharon J. Burton invited me via Facebook to the opening reception for their newest exhibit, Mama Earth, going on this Friday, April 8th 6:30pm-8:30pm. More info below! (more…)

Baltimore’s Red Line

My brother Jason works as part of a program the City of Baltimore has started to provide creativity and better functionality for Baltimore’s upcoming Red Line. Please read the article, there’s a lot of good juice here!

On the Line by Rebecca Messner – Urbanite Magazine
For residents, the Red Line is both godsend and a headache.

Jason and I grew up in Woodlawn, so the Red Line does matter to how our neighborhood might change in the next five years. I’m always saying ‘I can’t move back to Baltimore and live with my parents! It’s too difficult to get to the art scene if any exists in Baltimore! Now that North Street’s happening (well getting there), there’s a bigger cause for me to be interested in Baltimore’s arts scene, but as someone who does not have a car, it’s a big no-no for me to move back to Baltimore and expect to get the same advantages I get while in DC. Baltimore’s arts centers are spread across its many towns (both in the city and county) and that means that I can’t get into the city well from the Security Square Mall area. I want speed and ease, and while living near a metro-hub like Security Square Mall is convenient (well, it’s sorta a hub, a lot of buses go there), and we don’t live terribly far from the Lochearn station, I have no pull to stay in Baltimore as far as being an entrepreneur. Hopefully the Red Line will change things.

L’Enfant Plaza Mall

After enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival today, I found L’Enfant Plaza, whose retail mall I thought had officially died years ago. People still use it though. The old mall has signs up for a forgotten theatre, Reese’s Shoe-shine (a shoe-shine stand that’s active–cool and funny poster too!), Hallmark, McDonald’s, a bunch of closed-to-be revitalized stores–all that. Hmm, still kicking…barely. It is a Sunday I should point out. So I imagine my criticism is a bit off: A promising though ugly (white and red diagonals?) revitalization of the same yogurt–cafe–fast food–so so shops will come along. But…for a huge metro hub. That’s Five Guys, Mama Illardo’s, Rõti Mediterrean Grill, etc. Umm…ugly…still. Seeking a new moderne. Time seems to be confused here. (more…)

Are You Interested in Learning More about Mixed-Use Communities? On Track to Prosperity: The Market Potential of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in PG Co.

Are You Interested in Learning More about Mixed-Use Communities? On Track to Prosperity: The Market Potential of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in PG Co.

Just found this email from EnVision Prince George’s County…

There’s gonna be a EnVision: Sustain Forum on Thur, Feb. 11th at 6:30pm in Camp Springs, MD called “On Track to Prosperity: The Market Potential of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in PG Co.” It’s near Branch Ave., so for folks like me @ College Park Metro I guess it’s worth the ride on the other side of the green line…or I’ll hijack a friend with a car better yet. The forum looks interesting from their announcement. Plus, there’s a whole half-hour dedicated to refreshments, so looks like a great educational experience! Of course I want to learn more about mixed-use communities!

View the invite announcement on here.