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Bridging the Divide

“People of every race and class live in southwestern Baltimore County. But many have moved into neighborhoods — and sent their children to schools — with people who look like them.

To the south of U.S. 40 are the predominantly white communities that feed Hillcrest, Catonsville, Westchester and Westowne elementary schools. To the north are the largely black communities that feed Edmondson Heights and Johnnycake elementaries.

At the start of the redistricting process, county schools Superintendent Dallas Dance looked at the map and saw a rare opportunity: to better integrate students of different races and classes.”

Bridging the Divide
The struggle to move past
segregated schools


Distance Commuting

“Distance between Baltimore and Washington is more than miles”

By Jacques Kelly on The Baltimore Sun

“Baltimore-Washington might be a healthy region, but its arteries get pretty clogged.”

College Town Vibe

I’m so proud to be a #Terp and an honorary ( former) resident of #CollegeParkMD #Hyattsville.

“Is Washington A College Town?” on The Kojo Nnamdi Show

“Why doesn’t the Washington region feel like a college town, despite being home to more than a dozen colleges and universities? We explore why many campuses feel isolated from the city around them, and lack that college town vibe.”

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Connecting your neighborhood with the world