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Ancient American Ruins

Why Do Tourists Visit Ancient Ruins Everywhere Except the United States?
By Alex Mayyasi on Priceonomics

‘At the time, St. Louis was a small, young city that served as the gateway to the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. Americans knew little about the new territory, and Brackenridge was struck by the size of the ruins. “If the city of Philadelphia and its environs were deserted,” he wrote, “there would not be more numerous traces of human existence.”’

After deadly flash flood, concern about development’s impact on Ellicott City

“All of a sudden, we have this great amount of development, and there are tremendous areas that are impervious to water — streets, roofs and sidewalks — instead of woods and fields,” Dudley said. “It has resulted in a tremendous cumulative effect of casting all the water into a little tributary” Judge James Dudley

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RT @SmartGrowthUSA: A new survey shows that Americans overwhelmingly favor policy changes to support TOD.