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Eric Reynolds, Master of Low-cost, High-return Public Space Interventions in London and NYC

“Lighter, quicker, cheaper:”   three words to sum up a revolutionary, low-cost, high-impact strategy to development, one behind all of Eric Reynolds’ projects at Urban Space Management (USM), a firm known for driving the economic renewal of run down or under-utilized spaces in imaginative a

There was a picture of her on the wall. A portrait. She looked like a saint. The artist had painted a soft golden glow around her head; as if she were an angel. I didn’t know who she was, but it was a comfort, to walk into somewhere so unfamiliar and feel watched over by this wholesome, grinning grandmother-figure.

Eleven years old, three months away from leaving primary education, I was one of just four people from my whole year group that would be transferring to the local Catholic school instead of following my friends into state-controlled teaching.