From regular business operations to press relations, publicity and events, I have over 10 years of working experience and two BAs providing strategic planning and management for artists, small businesses and community services. I have provided and consulted for the following companies and individuals within recent years.

(Those with a * denote listed or non-listed services via employment. Click (view content) to view archives on this website.)

  1. Hyattsville Community Development Corporation* (view content)
    1. Hyattsville Arts Festival (’12-present)
    2. Bursting In Air, Bursting on the Scene Public Art Event (’14, ’17)
    3. Biz-Art Match-Up
    4. Street Art Initiative
    5. Gateway Arts District Marketing
  2. Green Owl Design:
    1. Hidden Images Reception in April 2011 (view content)
    2. Multiple Receptions since 2008 and Ongoing Marketing Consultations (view content)
  3. Rabbi Martin Siegel, 2013
    1. Discussion Group “Spirituality in the Context of Sexuality”
  4. M-NCPPC Department of Arts & Cultural Heritage: Brentwood Arts Exchange*
  5. University of Maryland Pride Alliance LGBT Student Organization (view content)
    1. Proudly Coloring Outside the Lines Exhibition, 2008
    2. Domestic Partnership Benefits Rally, 2008
  6. University of Maryland Hamsa Jewish-LGBT Student Organization (view content)
  7. Artist Malena Barnhart in ACT NICE: A Feminist Exhibition, 2008
  8. Artist Charles Sessoms, 2012
  9. Artist Margo Humphrey, 2010
  10. The Curtis Family, 2014
  11. Majesty Barber and Hair Studio, 2015

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