Base Branding

Of the following bundled services, you can skim any deliverables you don’t desire. Please note, items in italics are the ‘may contain’ recommendations. Every case is different.

  1. Textual Language  (mission, slogan, company description,  owner biography, public texts you can use for customers, taglines for any products, and )
  2. Color Palette (the 2-3 base colors you’ll use, why and where)
  3. Style Guide (fonts, colors, ways to display your logo and imagery)
  4. Print Promotionals
    1. Brochures
    2. Postcards
    3. Fliers
    4. Banners (great for tabling, print signage)
  5. Online Media
    1. Social Media Branding
    2. Transitioning your old brand to the new brand
    3. Website Build
      1. Domain Hosting and Domain Name – Host recommended:, GoDaddy, Hover
      2. Content Management System (CMS) – Recommended: or Squarespace, priced separately)


At this time, we can’t provide these features, but we can recommend some kick-ass professionals for:

  1. Sales, ad campaigns
  2. Interior design recommendations
  3. Storefront designs
  4. Storefront signage


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