Of the following bundled services, you can skim any deliverables you don’t desire. Please note, items in italics are the ‘may contain’ recommendations. Every case is different.

The following services can be provided using your existing content or can be developed through the Base Branding Package

  1. Polish Language, Basic
    1. On your website
    2. On your social media
  2. Social Media Management
    1. Develop a posting schedule for existing or new content
    2. A monthly check-in to guide your original content, be it original photos, engaging text, short videos (vines), etc.
    3. In-person sessions to develop and then to review new content
  3. Website Content Management
    1. Update text and photos on a regular basis
    2. Evaluation of how the user navigates your site, how your menu can be interpreted, and your page structure.
    3. Evaluation of image use

At this time, we can’t provide these features, but we can recommend some kick-ass professionals for:

  1. Videography
  2. Sales, ad campaigns
  3. Market Analysis
  4. User Management


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