“Converging Cultural Tapestries” Closing Reception at Zimstone Gallery #gatewayarts

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I love visiting Zimstone Gallery and need to make the time more often! Today is the Closing Reception for Converging Cultural Tapestries at Zimstone Gallery, featuring the work of Eileen Cave and Pierre-Antoine Goho. Their works are vibrant and energetic, and the color palettes complement one another in a subtle yet festive fashion.



To add to this great display, Gallery Owner Jeff Brown sells and displays gorgeous stone sculpture from Zimbabwean artists. The sculptures on exhibit add to Cave and Goho’s works, almost each sculpture and each painting dancing in its own way, capturing movement and appreciation of happiness in its very form.


To contrast, sprinkled across such seemingly-pleasant sculptures are works that are sad, stern, contained, or strong-angled. These darker themes make me think of the artists’ inspirations–their peoples and livelihood. As I stare at 3 Generations of Proud Shona Women, and comment on the contained, honest, painfully proud expressions, Cave comments, ” There’s weight in that. It has grace and elegance. ”

Minutes later, Brown speaks with Cave and Goho about the dwindling numbers of sculptors as artists age. ” The whole point of having this particular space is to have sculpture available while exhibiting visiting artists. ” As Brown shows me several photographs from visits with Sylvester Mubayi, amongst other Zimbabwean artists, I am thankful to have this resource in my neighborhood.

Zimstone Gallery is located at 4814 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood MD, 20722. For more information, go to www.zimstonegallery.com, or call 301.699.1499. View more of Eileen Cave’s artwork at HCAAonline.org, and Pierre-Antoine Goho’s artwork at GohoArt.net.



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