“Thirst” Opening Reception at 39th St Gallery alongside “Polymorphism: Mutations in ART” by UM Art Hnrs at #GatewayArts Ctr

I just had to leave but must come back to see J.J. McCracken’s Thirst Installation OPEN NOW at the 39th St Gallery at Gateway Arts Center. I know I blogged to introduce it, and ironically have to leave, but the power behind her work is astronomical and also ironically, very earth-powered. Her work reflects the ironies of feeding our homeless easy-to-produce fatty foods, and the vast amount of ill-nutritious food on the market to America’s masses. Her work is individual driven and speaks to your relationship to earth–to dirt and the thirst for water. For more info on J.J. McCracken, see her website.

Also, last but not least, the University of Maryland Department of Art Honors Program is exhibiting Polymorphism: Mutations in ART . The students’ work reflects the engenuity of each student and the honors program as a whole. Makes me proud!

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