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Carver Kids

Carver kids look back By Katie Killon Getting in “I still remember the day I got my acceptance letter,” 21-year-old Lauren Kashan said. “I was skipping around my front lawn, I was like ‘I got a notice saying I was going to heaven instead of hell.”

Justin Fair, a former Theatre Design and Production student described Carver as a school that allowed students to grow and nourish. “We were treated as mature individuals and held to higher expectations than the impressions I’ve had from students from other schools.” Justin Fair, who studied Theatre Design and Production is now a senior at the University of Maryland- College Park. He is interning with Hyattsville CDC and he is planning on going to grad school for Urban planning. Fair has performed as an actor and singer on and off campus and has had his artwork featured in nearby galleries. “Carver’s focus on the arts and on management enforced and encouraged not only my own portfoilio but also allowed me to understand my reach as an artist in my community,” Fair said.

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After a day of tiring and exhausting travel, we woke up bright and early at 6:30 AM ready to get our hands dirty. We ventured out to the dining hall and grabbed a quick bite of cereal and bagels for breakfast.

In the meantime, Justin Fair, Eric Feldman and Sam Blum rose to the top of a roof in the backyard where they painted primer on the back wall.

Justin Fair

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