In Hibernation

“”If people have already invested both their own skills or labor as well as financial resources, I think it makes sense for the city to figure out if they can get them to a completely legal status,” Bonitz says. “So long as they’re not doing anything that puts people in danger.”

She adds that the diversity of enterprises housed at the Compound represents a “really fantastic example” of what artists can bring to a community. One legal step Bonitz points to is to reform an element of a zoning code that prohibits more than four unrelated people living together in districts zoned as single family. The task force has written a draft zoning ordinance, she says, aimed at working around this rule and allowing people in artist spaces to apply for conditional use and occupancy permit in certain zoning districts (such as industrial mixed use, a new one created by 2016’s Transform Baltimore code rewrite) for live/work spaces with more than four people.”

In Hibernation

What happened to the Mayor’s Safe Art Space Task Force and how is the DIY scene carrying on?

By Brandon Block

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