Black with (some) White Privilege

My favorite snippet:
“The writer and activist Rebecca Walker (1969) told “The Loving Generation” director Lacey Schwartz last month that she believes biracial and mixed-race fluidity has led to significant cultural and political contributions. “Our ability to see things from so many different perspectives has really been a boon for this culture,” she said. She wonders, however, what the return is — that is, where do we go from here?

I wonder this too, and how — or if — “off-white adjacency” can be talked about in a way that acknowledges the experiences of those in my generation without seeming to mythologize or aggrandize them. I want to be able to celebrate the fact that the interracial marriages in which we were created represent a blow to legalized racism, and still grapple with the ways in which anti-black bias may have benefited us.”

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