Searching for Opportunities in Urban Planning and in Community Development

I wear many hats: Artistically, you may know me as a graphic designer, painter and artist. As I’ve grown, I’ve honed my interests and work as a community organizer with the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation and I study City and Regional Planning at Morgan State University, focusing on Urban Design and Economic Development.

As such, I am eager to get better involved by volunteering, giving, and familiarizing myself with community development organizations and urban planning firms within the City of Baltimore. I’m open to projects like:

  • Community Profiling and Scoping Neighborhood Plans
  • Framing branding statements, promotional text and fliers
  • Database development to help list local resources
  • Research and write historical narratives
  • Site visit and tour neighborhoods
  • Sit on committees and offer insights

I am also on-the-job-hunt! Please contact me if you know of an opportunity that may interest me.

Justin Fair

I create bold graphics + offer creative clarity. urban planning, community dev, public art crdntr, artist. Morgan grad student, Terp. Jew, black, fitness, cake!

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