“Something Old, Something New, Something Blue” at Zimstone Gallery


As I sit at an intriguing lecture at Zimstone Gallery for their newest exhibit, “Something Old, Something New, Something Blue,” the space is buzzing with interesting people, interesting ideas, and interesting art. The show features the inspiring work of sculptors from Zimbabye such as Sylvester Mubayi and Edward Chiwawa; gorgeous photography by Henry J. Ferrand; and mesmerizing paintings by Cheryl Edwards. The exhibit is a one of a kind, as it gives visitors a unique opportunity to see three forms of artwork: sculpture, photography, and paintings all in one gallery.


Another unique and rare opportunity Zimstone Gallery provides, are these weekend talks. Today features a discussion on Ferrand’s photography, next week a fantastic discussion on Edwards’s paintings. Listening to Ferrand is a comforting and engaging experience: he speaks about how his photography has grown, how the field has grown from film to digital production, and how from where he finds his shots. Right now, he’s giving some fun background on street markets around the world; earlier he explained the inspiration for another photograph, off a highway somewhere in Maryland; and sprinkled throughout, he features shots from citylife in Lower Manhattan, New York City and even in our neck of the woods, from Connecticut & R and the National Cathedral in DC. Ferrand speaks with such warmth, his only desire to share his experiences, his artwork, and to invite thoughts and discussion during his life’s studies.


Sitting here, amongst a packed room of art enthusiasts all of whom are munching on fantastic wine, fruit, and munchies, I am very aware of how active and inviting the Gateway Arts District is, especially in Brentwood; just down the street from Hyattsville. I’m here with friend and artist, George Pelham, an event planner from Tanta Productions East in College Park; and thankful to be invited to come on down by Miss Cheryl Edwards.

Zimstone Gallery is exhibiting “Something Old, Something New, Something Blue” up to October 31st, where they will be having a closing reception. For more information, call 301.699.1499. Zimstone Gallery is located at 4814 Rhode Island Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781.

Please note that our upcoming exhibit, “Night of the Living Art,” at Design Studio Art Gallery, opens then too! Sunday, October 31st from 5pm to 10pm!


Article by Justin Fair. Justin is Head Intern and Business Manager at Design Studio Art Gallery in Hyattsville, MD. He is a graphic designer and painter at Soulstrong Designs, and a senior at the University of Maryland College Park. Justin can be reached at jorlandofair@gmail.com.

This blog is also online at Soulstrong Arts Blog and JustinFair.com.

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  1. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Justin thank you so much for accepting my invitation and your attendance at our second art talk. It warmed my heart to have you in the audience and overwhelmed by your positive reaction to the exhibit. It made me feel that we accomplished what we set out to do in showing these works in a fashion to compliment each artists work and to emit emotions from the viewers. Thanks so much.

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